Fantasy Squad invites PH gamers for Pre-registration Event!

Written by Chad

August 18, 2016

FS Pre Reg PH 1

From the great minds of OnPlay, another great, intense and surprising RPG for Filipino gamers, Fantasy Squad is hereby introduces! Together with Plustonic games, Fantasy Squad opens today its pre-registration event in preparation for the game launch really SOON!

Before you go crazy about the game, Fantasy Squad is hereby inviting you to join our pre-registration using below link:

SIGN UP and pre-register using your mobile number to take home special prizes! Successful registrants will be winning vast prizes! Be the one to win an iPad Air 2, Samsung Gear S2 Classic and an Overwatch Limited Edition! What are you looking at, get your phone NOW and pre-register it to own such hip gadgets!

Perks and all cool and high-tech gadgets are what we’ll be given away to successful PH registrants! Spread the NEWS, LIKE and SHARE this Fantasy Squad infomercial to your friends and colleagues. Who knows you might be the lucky gamer we are looking for! For more updates, visit our Official PH Fantasy Squad Facebook Fan page.

FS Pre-reg PH prizes

App Game Info:

Fantasy Squad is an extreme action RPG that gives gamer an experience of a real-time battle with over 500,000 squad combinations. Conquer the world through vanquishing guardians. Synergize blood pact and awaken incredible skills. Prepare your squad for an ultimate battle as they gather by luck great weapon, armor or jewelry. Summon your chosen guardian to diminish all enemies and even hard-hitting bosses for each level. Take down possessed characters and start getting them for your formidable chosen squad.

Game Features:

  • Half a million squad combination can be done
  • Experience highly acclaimed gameplay
  • Make your squad standout by training them each level
  • Unleash greater power through acquiring guardians


Fantasy Squad is a free-to-play app published by OnPlay and developed by Plus+onic games in South Korea. Gamers have an option of in-game purchases. Singaporean can expect to play this extreme RPG very SOON!

For the collaboration and marketing inquiry, we are inviting your good office to do partnership with us. You can reach us to this e-mail: for more details.

Official PH Facebook page:

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