Marvel and Hulu to work together for an adaptation of Runaways series.

Looks like Marvel also has a soft spot for villain-born teens.

Marvel’s TV Universe is expanding towards streaming service Hulu as both companies have revealed that they are working together for an adaptation of the popular comic series about teens taking the world, or their villainous parents to be exact, Runaways.

First released on 2003, the Runaways featured an initial main cast of 6 teenagers all of whom are the children of some of the top members of the supervillain group, The Pride which consists of Mafia bosses, dark wizards, aliens mutants and mad scientists. Being one of the original comic book concepts from Marvel, the Runaways have grown in popularity and have been featured in other Marvel story arcs such as House of MCivil War and the Secret Wars.

The Runaways was initially slated for a movie adaptation back in 2011 but was shelved because of the huge success of the Avengers although Marvel might consider resurrecting the project sometime in the near future. The TV adaptation for Runaways on Hulu will most likely be a live-action series and will be written by The O.C‘s Josh Schwartz and co-produced by Gossip Girl‘s Stephanie Savage. Marvel’s partnership with Hulu for the Runaways adaptation is one big surprise considering how Marvel has worked closely with Hulu’s competitor, Netflix, for most of it’s serial adaptations such as Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD.

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