All the awesome stuff to look forward at Asia Pop Comic-Con Manila 2016

Written by Louis

August 22, 2016

A mad mash of all things geek will happen this coming Friday at APCC Manila 2016 and we’ve compiled what we thnk are the best stuff that you should definitely check out!

Asia Pop Comic Con Manila enters its 2nd year after a wildly successful launch last year, the event, which can be considered as the biggest of its kind in the country, draws heavy inspiration from other multi-genre, or rather, multi-geek cultural assemblies such as the San Diego Comic-Con International.

Appeased by its more than tens of thousands of attendees last year, APCC Manila is back once again with the big guns, as they bring in a mixture of the different avenues of popular culture, making sure that there is something for everyone regardless if you’re a comic-book enthusiast, a lover of scale figures or a hardcore TV and movie geek.

Cosplay Extravaganza

Whenever there are comic books, there also shall be cosplay of its characters, that is the unwritten general rule of the universe that shall, and will always be followed by any convention such as the Asia Pop Comic-Con. As the name itself obviously brings in the comic book culture, and so shall the cosplayers who represent its beloved and iconic characters.


A snapshot of last year’s CAGE.

Returning this year with the CAGE, of the Cosplay Authority Global Challenge, APCC does not only invite popular cosplay icons such as our very own Alodia Gosiengfiao and Myrtle Sarossa, Otaku USA’s Ani Mia, and Heroes of Cosplay’s Riddle, but also aspiring Pinoy cosplayers, in a competition to be hailed as APCC’s best in the Cosplay Authority showdown. Featuring both western and eastern comic book, tv show, movie, and even video games, APCC’s cosplay extravaganza will aim to show anyone from all walks of geek culture life.

A slice of Gaming Culture

Did somebody say Games? Well someone definitely did as APCC Manila, staying true to its multi cultural beginning, will bring a dose of games, from console titles, merchandise, and even board games into the spotlight. Featuring major video game developer and publisher, Wargaming, who bought us the highly popular World of Tanks, the infamous video game lounge and bookstore mashup that is PlayBook, and even De La Salle University’s very own video game centered exhibit, Asia Pop Comic Con makes sure that its gaming guests will have something to look forward to this year no matter which platform they are into.

APCC Gaming

A young cadet maneuvering a tank in the Wargaming booth.

Arts and Artists, the works of the Masters and the Masters themselves.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “The modern world will be filled with the works of the new masters, and these masters shall be called Comic Book artists”, okay, well, Da Vinci didn’t say that but for sure that is what he’ll say if he looked a thousand years into his future and saw the glorious works of the masters of comic book art that will adorn the galleries of APCC Manila 2016. Inviting veterans such as Ken Lashley, Billy Tan, Jason Palmer, Mike Zeck and of course, the Philippine-born Whilce Portacio who has reached his comic book highs with his creation, Bishop of the X-Men.

The masters and unsung heroes from our local scene are also not to be left out as APCC 2016 also brings in artists such as Mai Bersola, Maku Felix, Carlo Jose San Juan, Rod Espinosa Toto Madayag, and many, many more artists from the local comics scene, so you better make sure to drop by their respective exhibits and meet up some new greats for yourselves.


Are you part of the Basted Club? Ever attended one of those orientations from the Downline Nation? Have you ever seen a true First World Man? If your answer is no to even any of these questions, then you better strap down and get both educated and entertained as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution heads to APCC Manila 2016.

The Shawdown - Hub Pacheco


Image credit to: Hub Pacheco

What started out as a local homage to the Pro Wrestling scene, Philippine Wrestling Revolution, or PWR, will take the stage at Asia Pop Comic Con as one of its main highlights bringing in its roster of local pro wrestling talent with supposedly live matches right at the midst of the pop culture festival. Witness and get to know its stars, Frederick Mahaba, The Network, Classical Bryan Leo and many others as they send bodies flying all around the ring, and maybe even into the crowd for your dose of wrestling entertainment.

Celebrities, celebrities, celebrities

Well of course you can never ever have a multi-geek-culture festival without some of the people that helped bring comic book and fiction fantasies into reality on TV and on Movies, while some of them have sadly revealed that they are not able to make it, there will still be no shortage of stars at APCC Manila 2016 as actors and actresses that helped bring fiction into the realm of reality by starring as some of the most beloved characters in TV and Movies are flying into Manila to see their fans in the 3-day geek-culture fest.

Get a chance to meet H2O’s Claire Holt, Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown, X-Men: Apocalypse’s Nicholas Hoult, and Game of Thrones Joe Dempsie as they parade APCC 2016 this coming weekend. together with other entertainment sensations, YouTube’s Say Tioco and JAM Project’s frontman Hiroshi Kitadani. Different meet & greet schedules and as well as access tiers depending on what type of ticket you by are available, so make sure that you check out APCC Manila 2016’s Ticketing page for all the info that you needed as to how you could meet your idols.

Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016 will be this coming August 26-28, 2016 in the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila, and of course the Reimaru Files media team will be there to get you updated with whatever is happening inside the event halls, just in case you couldn’t make it, but we sure hope you would, see ya!


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