Geek Talk: Interview with the AsiaPop Comic Con 2016 Cosplay Guests

Written by Chad

August 23, 2016

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We got a chance to interview some of the cosplay guests of Asia Pop Comic Con 2016.

With AsiaPop Comic Con 2016 just days away and they have finally revealed most of their anticipated guests. But for this feature, we will be covering more on our interview with their cosplay guests. Last year we managed to interview the CAGE judges and asked them on their inspirations in becoming what they are today. So let’s see what will the cosplay guests will say about the cosplay scene and what advise can they give to the aspiring cosplayers.

lindze meritt as miranda lawson


Q1: Cosplayers come in different shapes and sizes, however some felt discouraged to cosplay certain characters due to their body figures over fears of being bullied/discriminated. How can fellow cosplayers encourage and motivate them to continue cosplaying these characters?

  • I am a big advocate of cosplaying at all shapes and races. I think there is a flattering and smart way to do it, too. There are ways to change designs to flatter your body type and play to your strengths, and ways to make you feel more confident, even if you aren’t the same size or look of the source character. Plus, the bottom line is, there will be jerks no matter what. Just do what makes you happy and ignore the haters.

Q2: We noticed that some of your poses have that vibe from the 50’s American pin up girls. Do you think cosplayers should retain a certain signature style/pose when they cosplay different characters?

  • Haha gosh no. I think us cosplayers know what looks good on us so we tend to fall into comfortable and familiar poses, but expanding your look is good.

Q3: What is the craziest or perhaps the most ambitious cosplay project you have ever done?

  • Maybe Morrigan? Only because the techniques for how we (Costumes were built by myself & my Lilith, Jenny Barclay) built the wings was a big challenging and unlike anything we’d seen anyone else do before that. It was also very expensive.
yugana as mad moxxi

Photo from Forat Shot Photography


Q1: Make-up us also an important factor in cosplaying, what are the best advises for cosplayersto take note of when doing make-ups?

  • Practice, practice and practice.

Q2: Some cosplayers have difficulty doing facial expressions when they pose, any tips to helpthem flesh out the character they are cosplaying through facial expressions?

  • To have reference materials and to practice in front of the mirror beforehand. What is important is, to have positive fun while cosplaying.

Q3: What is the craziest or perhaps the most ambitious cosplay project you have ever done?

  • The costume is definitely not comfortable. A day before I was supposed to debut it in an event, I was rushed to the emergency ward for anaphylactic shock due to medicinal allergy. I was actually still pretty ill when I was in costume for the event.

riki lecotey as the rocketeer


Q1: There are some aspiring cosplayers that prefer to cosplay characters based on popularity and not based on how they really loved the character, do you think they should follow that kind of mindset?

  • I’m a big advocate of cosplaying a character because you love the character. I couldn’t imagine putting 100+ hours into a character I had an investment in and then the hours I would spend wearing it.

Q2: What is the craziest or perhaps the most ambitious cosplay project you have ever done?

  • Alice from Alice Madness returns. Just due to the fact it was a tight time frame and I had no idea how to make a sculpted dress. I think Squirrel girl was also a challenge for me, just adding a variety of techniques I hadn’t done before.

If you want to meet them, be sure to attend the AsiaPop Comic Con 2016 event that is happening on August 26 to 28 at the SMX Convention Center.

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