Upcoming Pokemon Go Patch Introduces In-Game IV Checker

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Pokemon Go has had its myriad of problems since it launched earlier this summer, but this new patch set to be rolled out to Android and iOS intends to introduce a brand new feature, an in-game IV checker.

Like the mainline Pokemon games, the creatures obtained in Go have IVs, or Individual Values, altering the growth of the different stats of each unique mon in any given species. No two Pokemon grow in exactly the same way, and until now these stats were invisible in the app itself.

Each Pokemon is given a number, 0 through 15 in Attack, Defense, and HP. And the higher number, the more that stat will grow, both with candies and by evolving. Now, you’ll be able to find the best of your haul and put your best footward in Pokemon Go.

Source: http://pokemongolive.com/en/post/ver-update-082216/

Written by Ven Jacobs

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