Check out our APCC Manila 2016 Cosplay Showcase

Written by Louis

September 3, 2016

Yup, we’re still not over yet with our #APCCManila2016 Hangover.

Cosplay has long been a very staple part of any event or convention that celebrates pop culture, on whether it’s Video Game characters, TV Show personas, and most especially Comic Book tropes. As such, the recently concluded Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2016 will not be without its share of Cosplay enthusiasts that wish to stray off the catwalk and just flaunt their stuff together with the attending crown on the event’s very grounds.

And, as Reimaru Files has been known to feature cosplayers in our event aftermath videos, we would also like to share our handpicked quick snaps of the attending cosplay enthusiasts in our APCC Manila 2016 Cosplay Showcase.

Now we don’t have the info as to who these dazzling enthusiasts are but in case you these peeps be sure to tell us in the comments below or tag them in our Facebook fanpage, so we can all give them proper credit.

Harley Quinn!

To be honest, we are expecting a ton of Harley Quinn cosplays with the recent release of DC’s Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie’s sexy rendition of doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel that got obsessed with his beloved patient, the Joker himself, may look easy to pull off for everyone to flaunt, but the this one right here definitely caught our eyes.



Deadpool, merc with a heart

Quick, name your recent most favorite superhero from Marvel comic book adaptations? If you answered anyone else but Deadpool then we’re sure that you haven’t tasted Chimichangas yet as the Merc-with-a-mouth makes his appearance at this year’s APCC Manila. Surprisingly though, while other comic-cons have had their overflow of Deadpool cosplays, Manila will only have a rare selection of them just like this one we have here, not to mention the menacingly quiet rendition, but hey, Deadpool’s mouth did get shut tight during the Wolverine origins movie right?



Poison Ivy

DC surely gets a lot of love on the Cosplay side as we get a surprise visit from one of Batman’s lady villains, Poison Ivy. In addition to fighting with and against Batman, Poison Ivy has also said to have partnered with Harley Quinn in numerous instances in the Batman comics which makes us wonder if the real life gal behind this cosplay is also connected to our featured Harley Quinn cosplayer.



Heavy Metal Batman

Why of course a villain will never be complete without the hero, and as there already are 2 villains in our cosplay showcase, the hero himself will make his appearance in this heavily armored Batman inspired from the “greatest gladiator battle in history”, Batman Versus Superman. We all know how the movie went but this cosplay will hope to regain whatever the film lost, bring justice to Gotham and, of course, save Martha.



Fallout boy

While it is a Comic convention, other avenues of Geek Culture such as Video Games are always welcome in APCC Manila 2016 and it is proved by the appearance of  a lone wasteland explorer donning the helmet part of Fallout’s Power Armor and ready to blast radroaches. To be honest we could’ve wished for something more like a full Brotherhood of Steel outfit but hey, we wouldn’t want to cost panic to the settlements don’t we?



Your friendly con-going superhero Spiderman

Spiderman sure went under a lot of stress during and after the events of Civil War, suddenly being invited by Iron Man to join his team, punching his favorite hero in the face and having his arse handed to him in a runway brawl perhaps what he needed was a quick visit to APCC Manila to help lighten his mood, and of course he would be having his backpack because, you know, homework.



Star Lord, the Guardian of APCC

Well who knew Peter Quill will find himself on Earth again after a very long time of wandering from planet to planet in outer space? While the Guardian of the Galaxy may be alone in his visit, he surely is well prepared just in case Thanos decides to show up, bringing with him 2 Element Pistols and constantly wearing the titular space helmet. Now if he’s in APCC Manila 2016 to search for the next Infinity Gem that we’re still not sure of.



Overwatch: Squad Goals

Group cosplays are always a fun thing to see in conventions, having a crowd of 2 or more people donning costumes from the same source material, whether from film, comics or video games, and whether it’s heroes or villains. As APCC Manila 2016 was littered with Suicide Squad tropes it’s quite refreshing to see people from the gaming crowd taking the effort to come as the heroes from the popular arena FPS Overwatch, abeit they are still incomplete as the big guys are nowhere to be found. Still the objective to simultaneously enjoy the event while playing dress-up with friends is absolutely secured.


Aside from our quicklist, there are still a lot of amazing Cosplay in APCC Manila 2016 that perhaps we may have missed, if ever you think that there’s someone out there that deserves to be part of this Cosplay Showcase or if you have your own amazing Cosplay to share, be sure to let us know!

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