TRESE’s Kajo Baldisimo will taking on the helm of Sixty-Six as Ian Sta. Maria is now presumably working on the next chapter of Skyworld

Written by Louis

September 6, 2016

And we honestly couldn’t tell just which one are we more excited about.

The next chapter to Russell Molina’s Sixty-Six will find itself a new artist as Kajo Baldisimo, one of the guys behind the investigative supernatural comic-book series TRESE will be taking on all the artwork duties starting this October.

Mixing slice of life with superhero antics, Sixty-Six is centered around the life of 66-year-old Celestino Cabal as takes care of his ailing wife, tries to become a father to his daughter who is miles away from home, and deals with his newfound superhuman powers.

Sixty Six Concept Poster

Poster Art for Sixty-Six drawn by its original artist, Ian Sta. Maria

Originally drawn by Ian Sta. Maria, Kajo Baldisimo states that he will be taking over the “all the art, lettering and book design” while Sta. Maria “is busy with the next Skyworld“.

And yes, it looks like we will be getting a continuation to the SkyWorld series.

With the concept artwork for its existing and new characters teased from time to time by its artist, Ian Sta. Maria, it might be safe to assume that the next chapter to the SkyWorld series is well underway, and will perhaps tap on the origins of its main characters such as Kadasig, while continuing on the story of Andoy, the Maharlika, right after his triumph against the Aswang Invasion headed by Rianka.

SkyWorld is created through the collaborative effort of Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria, and also features character’s from Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s TRESE, such as the protagonist herself, Alexandra Trese, together with the Kambal, Basilio and Crispin. Both Comic book series are based on the Philippines’ rich mythological history, with creatures and beings such as the Aswang, Tikbalang, Sigbin, and as well as Elemental and  Tribal Deities.

With both reveals for the continuation of the Sixty-Six and Skyworld series already being revealed, we are all ready to assume that both titles are already in production and will hopefully arrive in our bookshelves sometime next year.


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