Nintendo Unveils New App at Apple Press Conference: Super Mario Run

Nintendo’s latest attempt at breaking into the smartphone market has been finally shown off, as Shigeru Miyamoto himself walked unto the stage of Apple’s Press Keynote, announcing Super Mario Run.


The new entry, with what seems to be reused New Super Mario Bros U assets, is an impressive mix of your standard infinite runner with lots of traditional Nintendo level design, with proper levels, beginnings and ends included, rather than randomly generated stages until you make a fatal error. Touted as a game built from the ground up to be played with one hand, Mario Run seems to have a lot more care put into it than a typical infinite runner app, with contextual jumps depending on the length of a tap on the screen, and three gameplay modes.

The first is a standard high score attack on the various stages, the second being a competitive race for style points to win over the crowd for your performance over your rivals’, and the third being a Super Mario Maker-esque creative mode, allowing you to use the currency you’ve won from the first two modes.

Super Mario Run is intended to launch on both iOS and Android devices; however, it will launch first on Apple devices in December.

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