Summoners War: Sky Arena Homunculus Update Content Introduction

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September 14, 2016


Mobile game company, Com2uS (CEO Byeongjun Song, has announced the release of a new Homunculus Update for Summoners War.

Summoners War is a top global RPG game that’s been loved by over 60 million global users for more than 2 years. The game consists of the battle content that includes various Monsters as well as the unique Rune System. Summoners War has been ranked in Top 10 in 106 Countries (App Store) and in 91 Countries (Google Play), p roving its worldwide popularity as a global top-class RPG game. Summoners War has also been ranked as the No. 1 in a total of 96 countries in the RPG genre.
The Homunculus Update is an addition of the new content that can satisfy the global users’ expectation, and a new type of a Monster called, “Homunculus” has also stimulated their interest regarding the new update.
Furthermore, the new content, such as the Rift Dungeon and Craft Building, have been added to the game since the last Rift of Worlds Update which was revealed at the end of last year to provide the users with more exciting gaming experience.

5 New Rift Dungeons and new Boss Skill Patterns

▲ 5 New Rift Dungeons surrounding the “Raid” in the [Rift of Worlds].

First, 5 Rift Dungeons with different attributes (Water/Fire/Wind/Light/Dark) will be added to the game. The attribute dungeons will be revealed finally with this update and players will be able to experience a whole new level of excitement of fighting against the new Bosses.


▲ Water Rift Beast Battle Screen
All Rift Beasts are immune to all harmful effects and they have different Attack Bars as well as skill patterns. The Boss will use the skill when its Attack Bar reaches the designated skill, and the Boss will also use an Ultimate Skill when its Attack Bar is full. The Ultimate Skill is a very powerful skill that can defeat all of the Monsters, so users need to defeat the Boss before the Ultimate Skill is activated.

The defeated Boss will be under the Groggy State and users will be able to inflict even more damage during this state. When the Groggy State is over, users will have to battle against the Boss that has become even stronger. The battle will continue until all of the Monsters are defeated unless you put the Boss under the Groggy State 3 times and completely defeat the Boss. Users will still be able to collect rewards according to the amount of damage inflicted on the Boss even if the user fails to defeat the Boss, and users will also be able to strategize the battles according to the attribute, skills, and the ultimate skill of the Boss.

New type of a Monster, Homunculus

▲ Homunculus Summoning Screen. Players can select the skill and Craft the Monster.

Homunculus is a system where the players can select the skill of their choice and Craft a Monster. Users can customize their Monsters by using the materials acquired from the Rift Dungeon, which will allow the users to strengthen their decks by working on what they’re lacking.

Homunculus will have 3 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill. The Skill Evolution consists of a total of 5 Stages, and each stage will allow the users to enhance the Active Skill of their choice. The players will have to carefully make their decisions because the Monster’s skill will vary greatly by the skill Evolved in each stage. In addition, the players will be able to not only name the Monster they Crafted but also choose the Monster’s attribute.

▲ The Monster Attribute can be modified at the 1st Stage of Skill Evolution, and different skills can be selected in each stage.

New Craft Building, Create your own Sky Island!
Users will be able to use the Craft System in the [Craft Building] to make various content using the materials they acquired during gameplay. Craft Materials can be collected from the Scenario (Hell Mode), Cairos Dungeon, and the Rift Dungeon. Users with Account Lv. 19+ will be allowed to use the content to Craft Homuculus, Runes, Buildings, and Ellia’s costumes.
Players will be able to customize and decorate their Sky Island in a unique way via the new [Craft Building]. New Buildings, including the Crystal Dragon, Firework Launcher, Ancient Giant Statue, and new decoration items will be available to let the users enjoy the game to the fullest.


▲ Sky Island decorated via the new Craft System.

With this update, players will also be able to Craft Runes. Players can acquire materials from the Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Necropolis, as well as the new Rift Dungeon and Craft Low (3~5★, Normal)/ Mid (4~6 ★, Magic)/ High (5~6★, Rare) Runes, accordingly.

Moreover, 5 new Runes (Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance) will be added with the new update. They are all a set of 2 Runes, and each of them possesses a unique effect that’s beneficial to the ally Monsters including the player. Thus, Rune Crafting can be used as a way to make the team stronger.

Special Items
Players will be able to Craft the Magic Box from which they can acquire Scrolls, Runes, and Mana Stones. Additionally, various Ellia’s costumes have also been added to the game so the players will be able to try out different outfits on Ellia, the Mascot of Summoners War.

▲ Rune Crafting (Left) / Ellia’s Costume (Right)

Sky Island Expansion, Increased MAX Level
The MAX account level will be increased from Lv. 40 to Lv. 50, and 3 more Sky Islands will be available with the new update. Moreover, various decoration features will also be available including the new buildings and trees, so the players will be able to install more buildings and items to customize their islands.

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