World of Final Fantasy Philippine release date and pricing details revealed

Boy do we have some juicy information for you.

As we are all anticipating for the release of Final Fantasy XV which will not be until November of this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch unveils the details for the release and pricing of another game in the Final Fantasy Franchise that is slated to come out this year, World of Final Fantasy.

Developed mainly for younger audiences, World of Final Fantasy is set to come on the PS4 and PS Vita platforms and will feature iconic characters from other FF games while following its own original plot and setting, complete with new protagonists,  Lann and Reynn, in the land of Grymoire.

World of Final Fantasy also employs the gameplay mechanics of previous FF titles, such as an Active Time Battle system and turn-based combat. The World of Final Fantasy will be released in the Philippines this coming October 25, 2016, and will bear a suggested prize tag of PHP 2,499 for the PS4 version, whereas the PS Vita version will be priced at PHP 1,699. Do bear in mind that since these are the suggested pricing, actual prices may vary depending on the retailer.

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