World of WarCraft is the second highest earning PC game in August 2016 according to report

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October 1, 2016


Just about a year after reports of Blizzard’s MMO World of Warcraft losing nearly half of its player base surfaced on the internet, the title that is part of the iconic WarCraft series may have already redeemed itself as new reports show that it was the 2nd highest earning game for the PC back in August 2016.


According to SuperData’s recent earnings report, World of WarCraft now sits right next to League of Legends, who still holds the highest rank, when it comes to PC game revenues, surpassing Blizzard’s other gigantic hit Overwatch who is now at Top 5 after leading the charts just a few months ago. The sudden rise of the game’s popularity could be attributed to its new Legion expansion, which was well received by players and critics alike with its inclusion of the Demon Hunter class, Artifact weapons, a revamped PvP system, a new location called The Broken Isles, and significant improvements to its narrative, a trait that will always be considered a very important part of Blizzard’s WarCraft franchise.

Apart from the PC, the report also cites rankings for Console and Mobile earnings with Treyarch and Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 still sitting at the top spot, and Pokemon GO, despite its very sharp drop in daily users, still continues to rake in revenues for the Mobile field with August earnings listed to have reached USD 204 Million. No Man’s Sky, despite it’s disappointing player and critic reception, also almost contested CoD:Black Ops III for the top spot in console revenues as it was released on the same month with its total sales amounting to USD 78 Million for all of its platforms.

When it comes to total combined earnings, the Gaming Market was able to close August 2016 with a generated revenue of USD 6.1 Billion with the highest contributor being mobile titles as they were able to generate more than 50% of the total earnings for all fields.

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