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October 17, 2016

In the past year, board game restaurants have become quite famous and started popping in different areas in the metro. They let customers play all the board games available in the establishment and order food on the side. While it looks like a new place for friends and family to bond and have fun, board games can turn into, well, *bored* games over time.

Good thing Game Over PH, the newest board game restaurant in town, set themselves apart by offering more than what’s already available in the market. Aside from your typical board games, this restaurant spared no expense to bring the game and restaurant experience one level higher by also providing gaming consoles ranging from a working Nintendo 64 (you read it right!) a classic metal slug arcade machine, Playstation, Xbox, and a few kick-ass gaming PC.

Every now and then, they also come up with game tournaments such as DOTA 2 and Counter Strike GO with cash prizes available to the winner(s)!

Choose your boardgames (except for the consoles on the glass case, they're more of a museum)

Choose your board games (except for the consoles on the glass case, they’re more of a museum)

The PC Gaming Station with a cool glow-in-the-dark artwork

The restaurant is busy even on a weekday

Metal Slug Arcade Machine


Once you enter the establishment, it already gives off a “chill” vibe that makes you want to just sit there and play for hours. To enjoy an unlimited time playing board games, each person needs to pay P200 which is consumable with the different food and beverages available in the place. If you’re with a big group and perhaps want to play some NBA 2K17 or fighting games, there’s a big couch to accommodate all of you which will cost P950, but is consumable as well. If you’re there for the PC gaming, it costs P80 per hour, per head.

The pricing of the restaurant may look a little expensive to some but if you think about it, it’s not a bad price to pay to play unlimited board games, laugh with your friends drool over the restaurant’s instagram-worthy food.


Drool over Game Over PH’s awesome dishes. Let the Hunger Games begin!

Looking for something fresh and healthy? Try their Creamy Salmon Pasta (P220) or Salmon Parsillade Rice (P255) which will knock your gaming socks off!

Start the eating games with the Mozarella Beef Cheesticks (P240)

The restaurant’s best-seller: The Game Over Burger (P230)

Experience a cold and warm dessert with the Molten Lava Cake (P180)


But even without the concept of board games or consoles in the place, we have to give it to the restaurant because their food is also something worth visiting over. Each meal we tried tasted good in it’s own way and with a price ranging from P180 to P449, it already gives customers a variety of rice toppings, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and ribs to choose from and can be shared by 2 people (if you’re not that hungry). Aside from being a gaming restaurant, the place also becomes a bar past 10 pm and caters to customers who simply want to relax, have some of their alcoholic concoction and let the rest of the night be well spent.

If you’d like to try out Game Over PH, you might need to bring a car or go there by cab but it’s easily found along Xavierville Avenue in Quezon City. You can also check their Facebook page for any exciting promos or tournaments they will be having.

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