Barangay 143 to be originally recorded in Tagalog, will feature all-Filipino celeb cast

Written by Louis

October 18, 2016

Handa ka na ba?

Barangay 143, the basketball-themed anime collaboration by Japan Broadcasting Company TV Asahi and Philippine Development and Animation Studio Synergy 88, is now reported to be originally recorded in the Tagalog language, in contrast to Japanese, and will be featuring an all-Filipino celebrity cast for its voice actors.


The news comes of as a surprising twist considering that Anime is a Japanese product, and in addition to the original language and the cast, Barangay 143 may not be your typical Basketball anime for, aside from Basketball fans, it will also cater to ficionados of primetime-scripted programs, which kinda gives it your typical “teleserye” vibes.

And that just may be the case according to the plot description…

Based on the report of Animation World Network, Barangay 143’s story will revolve around Bren Park, a prodigy basketball star who quits basketball after tragedy strikes his family, only to be intertwined with the sport again with his journey to Manila where he meets a legendary Coach B who uses basketball as a way to track down a syndicate that caused the death of his son. The 2 will be joined by what is described as a ragtag team of misfits, as they lead the team to victory and “find peace, justice, forgiveness, redemption and love” through playing Basketball.

In addition to the anime series, Synergy88 Managing Partner, Jackeline Chua, also adds that Barangay 143 will also be having a subscription based mobile game adaptation, and as well as its own consumer products line by Spring of 2017.

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  1. Miss A

    Give it a benefit of a doubt, other countries do this also. XD


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