Our coolest cosplay picks from Animax Carnival Philippines 2016

So who caught our lenses last #ACPH2016?

The annual celebration of Anime and Japanese culture, Animax Carnival hosted by the Japanese TV network Animax Asia, returned to the Philippines one more time after its great reception last 2015.

As it is mainly a gathering of Anime otakus, cosplay is obviously the de facto centerpiece of Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 and while numerous cosplayers attended the 2 day spectacle to, whether to join the Cosplay contests or just strut their stuff and be noticed, only a good few has managed to stand out and catch our lenses last weekend as showcasing some of the coolest cosplay (by our weird standards of course).

We may have missed out on some of the other cool guys though so do feel free to tell us in the comments below if who your own choices are in terms of the most awesome cosplayers back at Animax Carnival Philippines.

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Kikiyo, Inu Yasha



Koichi Zenigata (Edo Period version), Lupin III



Yoshino, Date A Live



Dr. Franken Stein, Soul Eater



Shinoa Hiragi, Owari no Seraph



Rem (Wedding Version), Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-



Noctis Lucis Caelum, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV



OCs and undentifiables

Okay, not being able to identify who these guys are is definitely a big minus on our Otaku cards, but still, we found them to be cool enough to deserve our praise.




Group Cosplay Special Mentions

Umi Ryuuzaki, Hikaru Shidou, Fuu Houoji, Magic Knight Rayeart
I mean come on, we’re fans of classic animes too y’know.



Kay Faraday, Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Ace Attorney



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