Mecha Fridays: Gundam Breaker 3 Launching new set of DLCs

Written by Chad

October 21, 2016

Mecha Fridays

For this week’s Mecha Fridays, we take a look a the upcoming downloadable contents for Gundam Breaker 3.

Gundam Breaker 3 has been around for some time and Bandai Namco has promised a series of DLCs. It was said that the content size would be almost equivalent that of an entire game. Each of the DLC will include a new set of mobile suits, weapons parts and other accessories, plus a whole new chapter to play.

The first DLC was released last June for free and it features modeled mobile suits exclusive for the game (namely the Hyaku Shiki J and break Dias), however you need to pay up for the succeeding DLCs, and a season pass called Break Pass will be available at a discounted price that contains all of the DLCs. No details on how much the season pass and individual DLCs will cost, but in Japan the season pass will be at 5,000 Yen and each DLC will be at 1,000 Yen except for the final DLC which is at 1,500 Yen. The second DLC will be available on October 25 for Region 3 users.



Below are the list of upcoming DLCs:

DLC #2: Build Beginning (October 25)

In Irato Game Park’s Gunpla Battle Simulator, a hot new add-on has been installed. A mysterious man suddenly appeared, who recommended the add-on’s installation, and the old lady who runs Irato accepted it as she does anything as long as it yields a profit. The Gunpla fighters, including Misa, take on the new missions introduced by the add-on in high spirits. Colored by the desires and ambitions of the people, the new missions are played by users all over the world. But within it, fighters witness an unidentified enemy mecha. And this new battle is only the beginning.

  • Gundam Barbatos 6th Form
  • Scramble Gundam
  • Phenex Gundam

DLC #3: Build Rising (November)

About 30 years ago, an event known as the “Gundam Great Front” was held in Tokyo. Now, at the same event site, there is a Gundam Great Front Museum. Kouichi invites you to visit the Gundam Great Front Museum, where the world’s first-ever Gunpla Battle Simulator was 30 years ago, to experience a restoration stage. The adults who were once kids reminisce over the past. Meanwhile, in a place completely unrelated, the children of now engage in lively girl talk.

  • Gundam AGE-FX
  • Gundam Gusion
  • ???
  • ???

DLC #4: Build Evolution (December)

I am a toybot, a toy robot. Before you know it, people become adults and move on from playing with toys. But when that happens, what will become of me? After master and Misa become adults, I wonder if I, a toy, will be put away somewhere…?

Gundam Kimaris

  • Mobile Worker
  • Arche Gundam
  • ???

DLC #5: Build Absolute (January)

Recently a computer virus borne of the Gunpla Battle Simulator has been making a fuss in the world. In response to notification of an emergency, Kadomatsu rushes to Irato Game Park. There, again affected by by the computer virus, Info-chan was acting strange. As usual, everyone tried to remove the virus. However, the Gunpla Battle Simulator is to be recovered by the manufacturer. Is there anything they can do about their Gunpla Battle Simulator getting taken away?

  • Gundam Barbatos Lupus
  • Aegis Gundam
  • ???

DLC #6: Build Kingdom (February)

At the space elevator atop the floating airport in the Pacific Ocean, in commemoration of the start of the Space Solar Power Generation (SSPG) facility’s construction, a ceremony is to be held. One event within the ceremony is a Gunpla Battle SSPG Commemoration Tournament, to which the Ayato Shopping District Team is invited. However, behind the participants’ enthusiasm, a certain man who has been preparing for this day was about to put his plan into action.

  • Buster Gundam
  • Ball
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

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