All the best reasons to be at ESGS 2016

Written by Louis

October 23, 2016

South East Asia’s biggest video game convention is back for another year, why you should be there you ask? Well sit down and let us tell you a thing or two about all the best reasons to be at ESGS 2016.

The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit or ESGS is merely days away from entering another year, formerly only catered to the Philippine audience, the country’s biggest video game gathering expands its reach towards South East Asia with major international names joining in on the fun such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco.

Now bigger and better, the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit invites gamers once again from all walks of life to enjoy not just 1 but 3 days of celebrating the video game culture.

So why should you be at ESGS 2016? We at Reimaru Files lists down not just 1 but 5 different reasons of why you should definitely attend South East Asia’s biggest gathering of gaming culture.

Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay!


No single celebration of gaming culture would be without its share of cosplayers showcasing their stuff for the attending crowd, whether they’re joining a competition or just wandering around waiting to be noticed, cosplayers are sure to be a staple part of events, especially in a video game convention hosted here in the Philippines. This year, ESGS will still give home to cosplay as they host a gaming cosplay competition together with Anime Alliance Philippines. Don’t get fooled by the term “Anime” on the cosplay competition partner’s name though, the top brass of Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit makes it 100% sure that all competitors has to be a character from any video game title or franchise so you’r esure to see nothing else but people coming in as Overwatch characters with the game being so popular right now.

Your dose of Competitive Play and Esports


Hey, the name itself does contain “Electronic Sports” in it so it would be ironic if you’re not given your dose of video game competitions from different game titles. With competitions focused on popular titles like ESL Arena and MSI’s Sudden Death Tournament, both of which would cater largely to Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans, an NBA 2K17 tournament, and the fighting game spectacle that is BrawlFest, fans of Esports and Competitive play from whether, MOBA, Sports games and Fighting Game titles, are sure to find their place and enjoy the electronic sports spectacles both as competitors and as spectators.

The Loot: Geek stuff, Freebies and Merchandise


You know what’s so great about any gaming event here in the Philippines? The loot, yes, we know, we all wish to take home all the cool stuff and memorabilia that reminds us “Hey we were there, we enjoyed video games, and we had fun!” and ESGS definitely has no shortage of it. Ticketholding attendees are even treated right away with freebies right upon entering the event halls, and the booths are also full of them, whether they’re given away for free as part of the exhibitors promoting their products, contest prizes or sold to attendees who wish take home something more from ESGS. This year also sees a change of phase for the event as multiple item or merchandise retailers that offer products like Toys, Model Kits, Geeky shirts, Boardgames and a whole lot more, something that wasn’t largely present in the previous iterations of ESGS. If there’s one important advice that we’d give if you really are hell bent on attending is that be sure to bring a large enough loot bag.

All the big personalities: Koji Igarashi, Bam Aquino and one more super secret guest?


Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Koji Igarashi”? If the famous phrase “What is a man?” and the iconic exchange of dialogue between Dracula and Richter Belmont instantly pops-up then congratulations, you are officially a CastleVania nerd! Seriously though, the man that has help changed the playing field of the Action adventure Side-scrolling genre, enough to give birth to the terms “Metroidvania” and “IGAVania” Koji Igarashi himself is visiting the Philippines this ESGS and, of course, he will be bringing his new game with him, Bloodstained: Ritual Of the Night. Aside from Igarashi, a local personality, well known to have shown extensive support for the Philippines booming video game industry and has supported multiple Filipino Esports athletes in their international ventures, the Honorable Senator Bam Aquino will be attending ESGS to co-mingle with his co-gamer crowd and as well as to check out the works of not only just international game developers but also our local talent as well. Strict warning though, there should absolutely be no politics involved with his appearance, it’s a gaming event people, let’s keep it fun.

Oh right, there’s also a super secret guest that will also be revealed this week according to the Event’s organizer, it’s so secret, that even us have no idea as to who this big shot is.

Video Games, video games and of course more video games.


Now we may just stating the obvious here but really, what else is the biggest reason to attend a video game event? That is to have fun because of video games! Again, ESGS is gonna fully packed with not only the biggest names in gaming like Ubisoft, Bandai Namco or Sony, but also our homegrown people like Zeenoh Games, Synergy88, Games By Nico, Dreamlords Digital and many others that will definitely bring in and showcase a lot of cool stuff for you to enjoy.

The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 will be this coming October 28 to 30, 2016 and we are hoping to see you there and have fun with us in South East Asia’s annual celebration of video game and esports culture!

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