Mecha Fridays: Check out this “transformer” figure modeled after Bastion from Overwatch

P.S., it doesn’t come with extra salt.

The popularity of Blizzard’s Overwatch has without a doubt caught the attention of third-party merchandise makers who are trying to cash in to the game’s fame by releasing a plethora of wares ranging from wearable gear, tags and doodads, and of course toys.

One such third party manufacturer, DX9  Toys, who is largely known for creating Transformers toys has just recently unveiled their tribute to Overwatch’s own transforming character, Bastion.


Called the K1 Freeman for very obvious purposes, the model is surprisingly accurate, and it boasts multiple joints to allow ]good movement range for its humanoid, turret and tank forms.

The toy mech will also come with rubber tracks for its wheels during its tank mode and alloy parts for more durability.




But perhaps one of the biggest questions is, what is Blizzard’s say in all of this? Known to have tangled in IP-related lawsuits themselves for their products such as Cease and Desist orders for products such as FreeCraft, multiple World of WarCraft Private Servers and even the “Dota” trademark debacle against Valve, things might be different this time as DX9 Toys is based on China, and given the how the country enforces their IP laws there might be less to no way for Blizzard to prevent production of this 3rd Party Bastion model.

DX9 Toys is largely known for producing 3rd Party kits for Hasbro’s Transformers line.

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