Our Coolest Video Game Cosplay Picks from ESGS 2016

Written by Louis

November 2, 2016

So what did our local congoers dress up as this time?

Last weekend may have already wrapped up South East Asia’s biggest video game convention, the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit but our post-event hangover has just begun as we continue to talk about and recall everything that happened, and enjoy all the loot that we got to take home.

As usual, Cosplay WAS a big part of the convention although in contrast to the previous Pop Culture and numerous Anime themed gatherings, almost everything was purely about video games with Cosplayers representing characters from Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and even Fallout filled the floors as part of the cosplay contest participants or just guys and gals wanting to be noticed.

Of course we at Reimaru Files managed to get a lot of good snapshots of our fine cosplay folk, and to be honest, it took us a bit of a hard time trying to pick the coolest of the cool as there were a lot of cool cosplays to go around, and we’re not even sure if we got all of them in our compilation!

Now if you know who these cool fellas are and if you think that there are some other cool cosplays that we have missed and you think should be included in this list be  sure to tell us in the comments. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy our picks for the Coolest cosplays at ESGS 2016.

Big shoutouts to Kuya Jay for letting us nab his shots, and also, a bit of warning, there will be a lot of Overwatch.

Tracer, Overwatch


Brotherhood of Steel Paladins, Fallout




Star Guardian Lux, League of Legends



Reaper, Overwatch



Queen of Pain, Dota 2



Mercy, Overwatch



Ivern, League of Legends



D̶a̶d̶ Soldier 76, Overwatch



Mei, Overwatch



Dhalsim, Street Fighter



Chun-Li, Street Fighter



Special Mention: Heero Yuy

Okay, now we did mention “video games” right, so why in the world is Heero Yuy being listed here? Well Heero did appear in the Super Robot Wars series so he’s technically part of a video game series or franchise also, we just want to do it for the lulz :D, we all love Gundam anyway.


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