Diablo 3 Reanimates the Dead with the Rise of the Necromancer Pack

Written by Allen

November 5, 2016


While some may have been expecting a new Diablo game in the works, we’re getting a revisit from Diablo 2 instead. At Blizzcon the Diablo 3 development team has unveiled their newest class, the Necromancer.

With the capability to command an army of the dead, the Necromancer marches on the battlefield. Setting himself apart form the Witch Doctor by having a more active hand in controlling his minions with effects similar to Monk mantras. This distinguishes himself as more of a commander or a king of the dead than a quirky character that lets his pets run about like the Witch Doctor.

The current version of the Necromancer is now available for demo at Blizzcon, and will be available for play roughly on the second half of 2017 according to stage announcements.

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