Sombra Hacks Her Way to BlizzCon 2016


She finally makes her appearance after the long wait.

Just recently at BlizzCon 2016, during a special video to recall the global launch of Overwatch, a certain mysterious character has made her appearance. Sombra has finally appeared along with her own Overwatch animated short.


Sombra has been teased for months, even before Ana was revealed as the first new Overwatch character to the roster with tidbits of clues scattered around the internet. Dozens of players tried to decipher the clues but only lead them to more riddles.

You can watch the animated short below. Sombra will be an offensive character where she can hack on enemies to disable shields and their abilities, turn invisible, or put up a beacon and teleport to the beacon and even throwing an EMP to disable all enemies’ abilities and shields. She uses a machine pistol as her primary weapon. More details can be found on the Overwatch website.

She will be available on the Public Test Realm next week along with the new Arcade mode that features proper 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 matches and a new map. No details on where she will be available on the main servers.


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