Things That were Revealed at Blizzcon 2016

Written by Chad

November 5, 2016


Find out what were announced at the tenth annual BlizzCon.


Blizzard is on its 25th year and another best way to celebrate it is with a massive event, and that’s BlizzCon, which is coincidentally celebrating its tenth year. So what are the big surprises that were revealed today?

Let’s start with Overwatch, Sombra has finally been revealed (you can learn more from our separate article), along with the new Arcade mode for an optimizing 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 matches and a new map. Then on the esports scene, the Overwatch League has been initiated, promising bigger prizes and benefits to those wants to go pro in the game.


Next for Heroes of the Storm, two new heroes will be joining the Nexus; Varian Wrymm and Ragnaros from World of Warcraft along with the new Blackheart’s Revenge map. A special cross promotion will begin next week where players along with their friends can earn rewards like Overwatch skins and HoTS Heroes by playing Heroes of the Storm for a certain amount.


Meanwhile for Hearthstone, a new expansion called Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will feature a whole new game mechanics and cards that will encourage you to experiment more on your decks.

And finally for Diablo 3, a special anniversary patch will be bring the original Diablo back as part of the 20th anniversary of the game franchise. This means players can relive the same visuals, levels and control scheme of the original in the latest Diablo game. And as a closing, the Necromancer was revealed as the new Hero Class for the new Character Class pack that is expected to release sometime in 2017.


We will learn more on some of the new reveals from the scheduled panel talks at BlizzCon this weekend, so stay tuned.

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