Kingdom of War’s First Major Update since Release

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November 9, 2016


GAMEVIL is proud to release the first major update for Strategy RPG Kingdom of War in celebration of the game’s 100 days after release. Lauded for its large amount of content, dark fantasy appeal and smooth engine, Kingdom of War has ranked in App Store’s top ten for Hungary while simultaneously developing a strong user base for the regions Europe and Asia. Key features of the update include two new allies, a costume system, and a new mode called “Land of Despair.”

Nerian (Hero)
Despite her cold and uncompromising battle persona, Nerian is actually a warm-hearted Corps Commander concerned with the safety of her people. Her long spear, “Tempest,” is a weapon passed down through many generations and can damage a large area of space because of the way it rips surrounding air into multiple directions.

Gallen (Advanced)

Gallen, as one of the Priests of the Stars, is covered in tattoos as a result of the magical power of the stars. After witnessing a terrible future for his people, Gallen works hard to ensure his people are strong enough to prevent the impending disaster.

Costume System: Players can equip costumes to give their favourite heroes an alternative look. Currently, only Arthur and Xel’ra have costumes but more allies will receive costumes in the near-future.

Land of Despair: Players can defeat the game’s bosses for Heroic grade gear and more.

The update also includes new weekly missions and the Kingdom Attendance Reward System.


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