NHN Studio629 Starts Pre-registration of ‘WooparooPang’

Written by Chad

November 14, 2016


NHN Studio629 announced today that the pre-registration event of its new puzzle game called WooparooPang is now live globally. This is the third Wooparoo-using title of Wooparoo Mountain and Wooparoo Saga developers.

WooparooPang is a brand new 3-matching puzzle game that uses mesmerizing ‘Wooparoo’ character. NHN Studio629 introduced ▲Wooparoo summoning system which was one of the notable systems of Wooparoo Mountain, and ▲Wooparoo collection system of more than 300 Wooparoos to this game to impregnate the original feeling of other Wooparoo games with puzzle in perfect harmony.

The most outstanding feature of WooparooPang, as a 3-matching puzzle game, is the social system which can be enjoyed together with players worldwide. ▲‘Co-op Mission’ gives players chance to form a strong friendship and ▲’Wooparoo Contest’, a daily mission, allows real-time ranking competition among global players from the five major oceans and all six continents of the world.

Wooparoo is a character first created by a social network game called Wooparoo Mountain. After gaining recognition, titles using Wooparoo such as LINE WooparooLand and strategic defence game called LINE WooparooSaga were developed and they were all loved by Southeast Asian players. ‘Wooparoo’ grew as the main IP of NHN Studio629 by resulting in total of USD 80M in sales and 15M downloads globally.

As a pre-registration promotion, WooparooPang gives out 60 Gems and Premium item package to all pre-registered players. Also, players get a chance of ticket draw for ‘Super-rare Wooparoo’ every day on pre-registration webpage. Those players who share the information of pre-registration to friends will get more chances of ticket draw according to the number of friends they shared the information.

WooparooPang Pre-registration:



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