Chromatic Souls Season Two Includes New Story and Features

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November 15, 2016


The line between excitement and terror can be razor-thin. GAMEVIL has released the largest update for turn-based RPG Chromatic Souls yet. The update not only includes the dramatic second season’s content, but also adds significant changes all-around to make Chromatic Souls feel reborn. Adventurers will be able to travel through a new area and outwit unfamiliar foes as they embark on a quest to defeat the dreaded Blue Dragon. The update’s major features also include additional equipment categories, an increased level cap, a jewel system, equip-able relics, and new guild features.

New Map: Venture into unknown territory with Scarlet, Isabel, Cain and Arthur to find answers to dangerous questions. Fight the pirates of Blackbeard Pirate Ship and unravel the mysteries of the Oasis and Thunder Cliff. The quest to stop the Chromatic Dragon from resurrecting is far from over! Conquer 35 new Normal and Heroic dungeons.

Equipment Overhaul:

New Equipment Categories: Adventurers can now equip helmets, shoes and gloves on their allies for increased power and customization.

Smelt System: randomly enhances one of the bonus stats on an equipment (up to 15 times).

Jewel System: Upgrade items with four different Jewel types. Players can earn jewels by finding them in dungeons (Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz) or by salvaging growth equipment (Taaffeite).

Level Cap Increase: Level your heroes past 50 to the new level cap, 80!

In-Game Relic System: Equip relics to give allies more skills in battle. Combat feels freer and more dynamic as allies can have more flexible roles.


The season two update precedes the one year anniversary of Chromatic Souls. Released on November 16, 2015 for Google Play and App Store, Chromatic Souls has appealed to a growing fan base of gamers who appreciate strategic and uncompromising gameplay. With intense turn-based battles and a high degree of hero customization, Chromatic Souls is a welcome throwback to the golden era of RPGs.

Along with its enchanting Story and Raid modes, Chromatic Souls has steadily released new characters and content in the form of Limited Dungeons, Substories, and Abyss. GAMEVIL is excited to support the growing title Chromatic Souls by releasing this substantial update.

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