Pokemon Sun & Moon is Out, Check Out the Fans Waiting for the Release

Written by Chad

November 18, 2016


And you think the Pokemon fever is gone, well looks like it is still alive and kicking.

The newest Pokemon game has finally arrived in the Philippines, Pokemon Sun & Moon is the seventh generation of the Pokemon game, promising a whole new experience to the game and new Pokemons to catch. And fans in the country can’t wait to grab their hands on the new game.

Though there aren’t any official support or distributor from Nintendo, that doesn’t stop game retail stores to stock up their supplies and prepared a couple of preorder bonuses to those who reserved their copies early. And as a testimony of how big the fans are, take a look at the lines forming up in the morning.

These photos were taken from fans and community members of Nintendo groups showing how the fans are excited for the release. The line was so long, that a lot of them are now forming a line outside the store, and you don’t see long lines that often for a launch game (well maybe some exceptions like Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy).

Some of our media friends are enjoying their copies right now, take for example our buddies from DAGeeks and Back2Gaming

If you are planning to get a copy of Pokemon Sun/Moon, worry not as there are some stocks available in some toy stores (Toys ‘R Us, Toy Kingdom, etc.), so better hurry and head to your nearest mall. Pokemon Sun & Moon is now available for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS


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