Eagle Fantasy Golf: The Mystic Sand Hills Update

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November 20, 2016


Eagle Fantasy Golf, the fun free-to-play casual mobile golf game, launches its first major update with the release of the Mystic Sand Hills content. This update brings a wealth of improvements and new features for new and veteran players alike.

 About Eagle

Eagle Fantasy Golf is the English version of the popular Japanese golf game, ぐるぐるイーグル (Guruguru Iguru). A free-to-play casual golf game available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It’s simple and easy to play even for beginners!  Stand out and be different! Enjoy the golf simulation experience with a wide selection of outfits and equipment appealing to anime fans!

Test your mettle and dominate the course by joining solo or team matches. Rank-up and gain great rewards for every event. Join PVP matches instantly with zero waiting time. Clear the courses to acquire new equipment such as golf clubs and outfits and earn gold to upgrade your equipment. Be the Golf Star you’ve always wanted to be.


New Features

New Area – Mystic Sand Hills

The new area unlockable after Miyabi Island is the 8th course in the ever expanding world of Eagle Fantasy Golf. Featuring nine normal and nine hard courses, Mystic Sand Hills offers a unique challenge to players with quicksand hazards and surprising fairway layouts.


New Item Rarity – 6 Star Equipment 

Boasting the highest stat values of any rarity, the 6 Star Equipment sets make their debut with the Mystic Sand Hills update. These rare equipment are a real treasure and will make their debut in the Premium Lotto system.


New Feature – Awakening Fusion

This newest fusion method allows players to boost their equipment parameters. Available only for 5 star items or higher, Awakening Fusion gives your base item a secondary parameter, significantly raising its performance benefits.


New Event Types – Nightmare and Spin Quest

The Mystic Sand Hills update will be introducing two new event types that serves to challenge players in all new ways with unique new rewards.


  • Expanded Inventory – Default inventory space has been increased from 100 to 120 slots. With Closet Expansion, the maximum inventory capacity has been increased from 150 to 300 slots.
  • Improved Matching System – There is now an option to select an opponent from a pool of 5.
  • Attendance Bonus Screen – The staple attendance bonus rewards are now shown in a pop-up screen showing all possible rewards.
  • Profile Screen Overhaul – The profile screen has been reworked to improve the information available to players including where medals were won, spin quest trophies, and sub equipment equipped.
  • Particle System – New particle system for awakened equipment.
  • Spin Quest – The Spin Quest game mode has been expanded to 125 holes.
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