Dragon Blaze Update Features Nebula Raid and Game-Changing Allies

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November 21, 2016


Surpass your limits, make new friends, and chart new territory. Published by GAMEVIL, Dragon Blaze has enjoyed immense success since release and its latest update has proven to be a substantial addition. The update includes the new Nebula Raid and powerful awakened allies such as Tiel the Justice. Additionally, players can now limit break their equipment with materials they acquire from the Nebula Raid.

Nebula Raid: Participate in the new 25-member raid! Nebula Raid is available after clearing Myth mode’s Ragnarok Raid. Each player forms their own five-member team and bands together with other teams to battle the dreaded Nebula. Participants will be rewarded Enhance Stones of varying grades depending on their contribution ranking.

Awakened Allies:

  • Tiel the Justice: After God rewarded Tiel with holy powers, Tiel embraced her role to execute divine judgement with her holy blade. Her voice of protection prevents eternal punishment. Tiel’s normal attack has a chance to stun enemies.
  • Flame General Turq: Turq was already known as the most powerful in her tribe, yet she grew even stronger after finding the forbidden fruit. She has enough latent power to destroy an entire army singlehandedly. Turq’s normal attack deals continuous damage to enemies.
  • Soul Keeper Eirden: Eirden did not fall victim to the power of corruption because she herself is the embodiment of corruption. Both her strong mind and acceptance of dark magic gives her the power to detect a soul’s origin and send any soul-lacking lifeform back to Earth. Eirden’s normal attack increases her INT.

Equipment Limit Break: Players can now enhance max-leveled equipment to increase their gears’ stats. This process requires Enhance Stones (S~SSS grade), which can be acquired from Nebula Raid. The success rate depends on the grade of the maxed equipment and Enhance Stone. For example, SSS gear has a 100% chance of upgrading with a SSS Enhance Stone and a 50% chance of upgrading with a SS Enhance Stone.


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