Knight Slinger Pre-registration Begins

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November 22, 2016


Adventurers unite! Pre-registration for GAMEVIL’s upcoming title Knight Slinger has started. Developed by COCOONBEAT, Knight Slinger combines interesting slingshot mechanics with turn-based RPG gameplay to provide a compelling experience to users everywhere.

Gamers can visit the pre-registration site to learn more about Knight Slinger as well as sign up early for helpful rewards. Knight Slinger is currently available in select countries for Android. It will soon launch globally for both App Store and Google Play.

Knight Slinger is positioned to appeal to both casual and dedicated players. At launch, there will be six playable warrior classes and 350+ collectable warriors. Seasoned gaming veterans will appreciate its hardcore RPG mechanics and its hefty amount of content. Competitive adventurers will be pleased to learn that Knight Slinger has both real-time and A.I controlled PVP battles. Visually, Knight Slinger has beautifully rendered 3D graphics and alluring character designs. The game’s engine allows for impressive skill animations and smooth gameplay.

Players can receive pre-registration rewards by providing a valid email address and sharing the pre-registration post on Facebook. For more detailed instructions, please visit the link below:

Like Knight Slinger on Facebook at

For more information, visit

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