Webzen ‘G-Star 2016’ Welcomes Their Global Audience with Hands-on Experience

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November 22, 2016


WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, will be inviting all gamers to its exhibition booth for ‘G-Star 2016’. Webzen will be presenting two new projects: MU Legends and Azera: Iron heart.

From November 17, 2016, Webzen is showing one mobile and one pc game through hands-on experience settings they have created in their booth.

Webzen’s B2C exhibition area presents MU Legend, coming in the first quarter 2017 and Azera: Iron Heart, launching in final quarter of 2016. Visitors will be able to test out new games, see 2-meter tall character figure, 3D panoramic trailer and many more.


First, exhibition area for PC online game ‘MU Legend’ has a theatrical 3D panoramic screen installed for the visitors to enjoy Webzen’s G-star exclusive game trailer. There will be multiple events and giveaways, giving out high end graphic cards and other quality ‘MU Legend’ gifts.

In the play test area for ‘MU Legend,’ visitors will be able to experience the game themselves. With the Official version, players will be able to revisit popular nostalgic dungeons such as ‘Blood Castle’ as well as new key content ‘Epic Dungeon.’


Exhibition for mobile game ‘Azera: Iron Heart’ contains ‘Trick Art’ sculpture and a large ‘Titan’ model. In the game play area, there will be a cinematic trailer and a gameplay demo for visitors to experience the pinnacle of 3D mobile gaming. PvP (player versus player) section is also prepared for users to experience Azera’s real time PvP experience.

Also, Webzen has prepared cosplay of main characters in ‘MU Legend’ and ‘Azera: Iron Heart.’ In both exhibition area, popular racing models dressed up and cosplay to join the fun.

Webzen launched its IP derivative contents and merchandise brand – “Club Webzen” week ago. Webzen branded T-shirt, cell phone case and MU Legend Art book could be seen at “W-store” in its B2C booth.

MU Legend Artbook archives more than 3,000 original artworks within its 200 plus pages. It contains origins stories of main characters as well as NPCs and item artworks. The book entails details of major continents and weapons to see the world of ‘MU Legend’ first hand. Limited-edition MU Legend Artbook sold out within one day of its sale in Korea.

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