Final Fantasy XV Just Sold 5 Million Copies Worldwide


The hype is strong on the new Final Fantasy game.

It seems 10 years of development really pays off for Square Enix as Final Fantasy XV has made a big milestone for the company. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reported that Final Fantasy XV has reached 5 million sales for both physical and digital copies worldwide, this is a first major Final Fantasy game to release worldwide as originally Japan gets the first release.

Aside from reaching 5 million, it also broke the record in Japan for first-day digital sales, it also shows record breaking sales for both physical and digital in Asia. No details yet on the sales figures on which region sold the most from the 5 million copies.

And the best part is that Square Enix is not done with Final Fantasy XV yet as patch updates and DLC can be expected in the coming weeks, the game recently had a Day One patch to resolve some issues and added new features to the game.

Final Fantasy XV was released in November 29 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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