FFXV: Getting Powerful Accessories in Justice Monsters Five

Written by Chad

December 7, 2016


Playing this mini game is both addictive and rewarding, so here are what you can get when playing the game.

There are some mini games that you can try out in Final Fantasy XV, but one of them lets you play a unique pinball game called Justice Monsters V. It is like your typical pinball game but instead of avoiding your ball from falling, you have to eliminate the monsters in the screen and avoid getting killed from its attack. You can earn points to redeem for items, all you have to do is hit the bumpers on the board and hit a certain amount of points where a slot machines pops out to give a random bonus, which can be an item if you get lucky. Earn a certain amount in your game and you can earn a reward when you leave.


Below are the items that you can get

  • 2 points – Potion
  • 5 points – Hi Potion
  • 10 points – Elixir
  • 15 points – Hi Elixir
  • 20 points – Garnet Bracelet (+30 Strength)
  • 25 points – Carbon Bangle (+150 HP)
  • 30 points – Amethyst Bracelet (+35 Strength)
  • 35 points – Titanium Bangle (+200 HP)
  • 45 points – Sapphire Bracelet (+45 Strength)
  • 50 points – Gold Bangle (+500 HP)
  • 60 points – Oracle Earring (+200 Magic)
  • 70 points – Ruby Bracelet (+50 Strength)
  • 80 points – Platinum Bangle (+700 HP)
  • 90 points – Emerald Bracelet (+60 Strength)
  • 99 points – Celestriad (+30% Fire/Ice/Lightning Resistance)

The above list is for the ‘10 Gil per game’ variant of the Justice Monsters Five, the pricier variant (cost at 10,000 Gil per game) can be found in Altissia and it provides better rewards:

  • 5 points – Hi-Potion
  • 10 points – Mega Phoenix
  • 15 points – Ruby Bracelet (+50 Strength)
  • 20 points – Platinum Bangle (+700 HP)
  • 25 points – Emerald Bracelet (+60 Strength)
  • 30 points – Centurion Bangle (+1000 HP)
  • 35 points – Mystic Circlet (+250 Magic)
  • 40 points – Moogle Charm (+20% EXP earned)
  • 45 points – Legatus Bangle (+1200 HP)
  • 50 points – Blue Diamond Bracelet (+80 Strength)
  • 60 points – Gigas Bangle (+1200 HP)
  • 70 points – Assist Suit (+500 HP, +30 Strength, +20 Vitality)
  • 80 points – Dark Matter Bracelet (+100 Strength)
  • 90 points – Onion Bangle (+2500 HP)
  • 99 points – Wind-up Lord Vexxos (crafting item; Limit Break Level 99 effect)

And if you still can’t get enough of the mini game, a mobile version can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS.

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