Celebrate the Holidays with Devilian’s Latest Update

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December 23, 2016


Even demons need a holiday. GAMEVIL has announced that the latest update for action RPG Devilian has hit both App Store and Google Play. Notable features include holiday costumes and improvements to Raid mode. Players can also participate in the special holiday event for a limited time in order to receive prizes including the holiday costumes. The update also adds a lot of other key features to enhance gameplay and UI.

Holiday Costumes: Collect cool holiday-themed costumes for each character! Costumes can be acquired by completing the requirements in the special holiday event (limited time only).

Raid Improvements: One of the most exciting modes just got better. Gain daily rewards and battle frightening new bosses. UI improvements also make it easier to select the raid boss and difficulty level.

  • Daily Raid Rewards: Earn daily boosts in XP and gold after acquiring a certain amount of Raid points! Earn raid points each time you finish a raid.
  • New Raids: Hunt or be hunted. Three new bosses known as “The Arachne” threaten peace with their terrible hunger for human flesh. Team up with fellow Devilians to put a stop to them!

Miscellaneous Gameplay Improvements: Players can now farm for XP and items for their characters more conveniently with the auto-repeat feature! New achievements offer a chance for more rewards, and Devilstone settings can now be copied between PVP and PVE. The update also establishes a relationship between the different elements; elements are now either stronger or weaker against another element!


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Download Devilian on Google Play: bit.ly/DevilianAndroid

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