Mass Effect Andromedia Release Date Confirmed

Written by Chad

January 5, 2017


We can finally play the newest Mass Effect Andromeda this March.

Bioware has just revealed that Mass Effect Andromeda will be hitting the stores on March 21 for North America and March 23 for the rest of the world. In the recent post update on the Mass Effect website, General Manager of Bioware Aaryn Flynn have noted that Andromeda will be most ambitious Mass Effect game to date, where it will be telling a whole new story with new planets, species and characters to encounter.

The game will also be utilizing the Frostbite engine that was also used in Dragon Age Inquisition to provide more stunning visuals. Flynn also mentioned that the Mass Effect team brought copies of the Andromeda game and play it during the holidays, which they initially dub it as the ‘holiday build’. And so far the feedback of the build was great and this also means there will be no possible delays on the release of the game.

A new trailer showing the latest gameplay footage of Mass Effect Andromedia has surfaced which was premiered at CES 2017.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 21 (North America) and March 23 (International)

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