Mecha Fridays: All hail the Barbatos Rex!

Written by Louis

January 20, 2017

The latest iteration to IBO’s Gundam Barbatos is officially revealed.

Destruction and Reconstruction has always been a vicious cycle within any Gundam series as we witness the rise and fall of numerous mechas with many ressurected in various forms. Now, at the second season of Iron Blooded Orphans, we will be witnessing this said phenomenon once again as Sunrise and Bandai officially unveil the next iteration of Mikazuki Augus’ Gundam Barbatos, the Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex.

Barbatos Lupus Rex

Becoming the second full overhaul of the Barbatos ever since Episode 1 (Original mobile suit variations or the “Forms” don’t count), the Barbatos Lupus Rex will be Mikazuki’s “new” mobile suit following the Barbatos Lupus’ severe damage after its battle against the mobile armor Hashmal.

While there are no indications regarding its abilities, it is noticeable how the Lupus Rex’s arms are longer when compared to the original Barbatos or even the Barbatos Lupus possibly for longer reach as it will be using a modified version of the original’s Mace, the back of its forearms are also presumably equipped with 200mm guns with the protrusion on its rear to act as a lance. The Rex will also be assumed to inherit the mobility of the Lupus, albeit we are predicting some possible tweaks to its Alaya Vijnana system following its effects on the pilot after battling a Mobile Armor

A model kit of the mobile suit is also previewed ahead of the next episode of Iron Blooded Orphans and is set for release this coming Feb 2017.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans is the newest Gundam series set in the Post Calamity Timeline which simultaneously airs through the Official Gundam YouTube channel.

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