Dragon Blaze Update adds fearsome Gigantes

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January 21, 2017


The gods of war are not to be trifled with. Dragon Blaze’s latest update features the powerful Gigantes. The update builds on the most recent one with the Titans; Gigantes Atlas and Gigantes Tethys will be creatable once a player obtains the necessary materials. Other features include new quests and an ally cap increase; players will be able to now have up to 140 allies at a time.

Gigantes Atlas: With fists of flame that can destroy stars and crimson eyes that can penetrate through an enemy’s killer intent, Gigantes Atlas lives up to her reputation as one of the gods of war and twelve Gigantes. Her normal attack removes one enemy buff.

  •  Andromeda Punch – Deals 3965% CRIT damage on 1 enemy (Dragon Buster rank enemy with a lower enhance stage than Atlas’s enhance stage) with a 100% chance and launches it out of battle for 30 seconds. If the battle ends before the enemy comes back, it is dead. Boss enemies that are not catapulted will receive an extra 3418% damage.
  • Shock Release – Atlas performs a powerful shock wave against all enemies. The attack does 1969% damage, removes all helpful buffs and stuns them for eight seconds.
  • Ultimate Counterattack- Atlas becomes even more of a force to be reckoned with. The terrifying god of war increases her attack speed by 175% and fixed damage by 80%. She also reflects all attacks for eight seconds, and counterattacks deal 580% of ATK with 100% accuracy.

Gigantes Tethys: According to the ancient war song, when the Gigantes fight against the god of the world, the sky changes into a bright red hue. The great power of Tethys’s protection is more effective for conquering war than destruction. Tethys’s normal attack either heals all allies or attacks all enemies.

  • God’s Pall – Evil intent directed at allies become blessings. Damage concentrated on her allies become heals instead and all allies receive immunity for 5.8 seconds.
  • Provoke Protective Instinct – Tethys’s allies become excited by her presence. ATK increases by 84%, and both ATK speed and STA improve by 43% and 27% respectively for 16 seconds.
  • Genuine Faith – True faith is difficult to obtain but Tethys’s commitment has helped her achieve it. Buffs all party members so they reflect all debuffs for three seconds. Each enhance level increases the duration by .3 seconds.

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