Ragnarok hits Monster Warlord

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January 26, 2017

Ragnarok is upon us. GAMEVIL’s long-running title Monster Warlord has a new update, and the latest additions come with power to make even Immortals tremble. Ragnarok-tier monsters overtake the monster ranks as the toughest monsters so far. Other additions in the update include Global Bosses, UI improvements, and a new monster egg.

Ragnarok TierMonster Warlord welcomes the 21st monster tier Ragnarok to the family. Ragnarok monsters can currently be obtained by using either normal or special combine. Currently, normal and plus monsters for Fire, Earth, and Air  attributes will be added with Water, Holy, and Dark attribute monsters joining Monster Warlord in the future. Ragnarok monsters are available in servers Korea, Asia and both Global 1 and 2.

Global Boss: Join other servers to beat the Global Boss for rewards! Once the Global Boss is defeated, there will be a 36 hour cooldown where players can claim rewards and see their results from the battle. Use special skills to help!

UI improvements: Monster Warlord players can enjoy the cleaner and better optimized home UI! A New and improved slide menu format lets users hide icons for seven game modes and access them at will. The icons themselves received a visual improvement.

Brand New Monster Egg “Oathbound”: All players can now purchase the Oathbound egg (higher grade than Void egg). Players will receive either a Divine (75% chance) or Immortal (25% chance) monster with purchase!

Monster Warlord was developed in-house by GAMEVIL and has grown since its release over four years ago. The game has accumulated well over 20 million downloads worldwide and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and South America. The latest update continues to demonstrate GAMEVIL’s specialty in providing excellent live service in order to improve the user experience.

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Download Monster Warlord on Google Play: bit.ly/MonsterWarlordAndroid
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