Bandai Figure-Rise Standard Super Saiyan Son Goku Review

Written by Chad

January 30, 2017

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Bandai has been known for making plastic model kits for mechas, especially Gundams. Then they start creating model kits for other popular non-mecha characters with the launch of the Figure-Rise line. The new model kit line up went on a hiatus for years until Bandai revived it with a small scale version for Dragon Ball Super. Figure-Rise Standard features some of articulation from the original Figure-Rise line but at a smaller scale and with improved details. We will be reviewing the Super Saiyan Son Goku model kit and see how good the design was for this new model kit.

Assembling the kit is fairly easy as the difficulty is somewhat close that from your standard HG model kits, you can finish the straight build for the Figure-Rise Standard kit for around 2 to 3 hours. There are also fewer stickers as compared to the original Figurise, which is a good relief meaning that some of the parts of the model kit have better part separation.

When looking at the model kit, the detail is impressive, it could be compared that from your normal SH Figuarts figure, the wrinkles on the garb provides great aesthetics on the character and not to mention the sculpting of the muscles hides the seams and some joints. One notable improvement from the original Figurise is that it does not require stickers for the eyes, and the eyes are assembled with different colored plastics. Accuracy of the colors from the anime are very accurate, the bright orange color matches well when Goku turns into a Super Saiyan, and his hair may have some glossy effect, it works well especially when placed on a well-lit display area as his hair seemingly has some glow on it. You only need to put stickers on his tongue and red linings of his shoes, a simple paint job with a Gundam Marker can be applied on the shoe linings, but painting the tongue can be tricky due to the small spacing.

In terms of articulation, the Figure-Rise Standard only have single joints, but can still provide wider angle for it reach. The head has a ball joint to allow it to rotate and another ball joint for its neck. The shoulder has a weird design where it has a swivel on its rib part to extend the arms inwards for more dynamic poses, but at the same time showing off its hollow portion. The waist has a ball joint that allows a flexible torso that can be used for flight poses and even charged up poses. The lower body especially the pelvis portion has a set of additional joints that allow you to extend the hip portion that lets the legs to go to a split position, however the knee portion only has a single joint and with the design of the baggy pants, it restricts the movement of the knees, fortunately the way the legs are sculpt helps cover the joint parts and seams. The feet could use some adjustments, as the ankle part tends to become loose and wobbly which can affect the posture of the figure, as the joint on the ankle does not use a ball joint but rather an angled peg where if connects to a hole on the foot that allows it to swivel.

As for accessories, the figure has it fair share of replaceable hands and a face plate where you can recreate some of Son Goku’s trademark poses. Removing the hand parts are easy which the same goes with the alternate face part. It also includes a Kamehameha effect parts to recreate Goku’s trademark attack, sadly the effect part is a bit small from the usual effect that we see in the anime and there is no clip on for the effect part to keep hold of it. A small stand is also available that acts as a support for the Kamehameha effect and as a figure stand, it can handle the weight of the figure with ease where you can do aerial poses.

The Figure-Rise Standard Son Goku is taller than a standard 1/144 HG Gunpla and even the SH Figuarts, but it is as tall as your standard Marvel Legends action figure. Overall, the figure has great articulation that lets you do creative poses on it, even with the joint issues on the feet, the impressive construction of the joints on the other parts compliments the model kit well. And with the part separation lessens the need for additional stickers as compared with the original Figure-Rise kits. Even when the kit was straight built, it is still a neat figure to display on your desk or display case. If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan or looking for an alternative to the SH Figuarts figures, this is one kit that you should get for your collection.

Special thanks to GreatToys Online for the Figure-Rise Standard Super Saiyan Son Goku

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