Check Out Nintendo’s List of Total Hardware and Software Sales

Written by Chad

January 31, 2017

Everything’s listed, except for the Virtual Boy.

Nintedo has just updated their list of total sales for their hardware and software, this includes all generations of gaming consoles starting with the Famicom (or NES in the West). The data was reveal on Nintendo’s Japanese website and anyone can view all of the data including financial highlights for the past five fiscal years and even stock information to provide updates on the current value of Nintendo’s shares.

nintendo console sales

For the hardware sales, the Nintendo DS is the best selling hardware of all time followed by the Wii, the DS dominates the list for the best selling portable console just next to the Game Boy. The Wii has the largest figure, almost double from the Famicom which is placed second. You can read the rest of the sales charts below:

Wii U

  • Hardware: 13.56 million
  • Software: 96.52 million

Nintendo 3DS

  • Hardware 65.30 million
  • Software: 320.96 million


  • Hardware: 101.63 million
  • Software: 917.34 million

Nintendo DS

  • Hardware: 154.02 million
  • Software: 948.51 million

Nintendo GameCube

  • Hardware: 21.74 million
  • Software: 208.57 million

Game Boy Advance

  • Hardware: 81.51 million
  • Software: 377.42 million

Nintendo 64

  • Hardware: 32.93 million
  • Software: 224.97 million

Game Boy

  • Hardware: 118.69 million
  • Software: 501.11 million

Super NES/Super FamiCom

  • Hardware: 49.10 million
  • Software: 379.06 million


  • Hardware: 61.91 million
  • Software: 500.01 million

Take note that all of these are sales figures worldwide and was updated as of December 31, 2016

nintendo software sales

As for which of the game titles are the best selling for the Nintendo consoles, they also shared some info up to the Nintendo Wii, so below are the top five best selling games for the four gaming consoles:

Wii U

  • Mario Kart 8 – 8.26 million
  • New Super Mario Bros. U – 5.62 million
  • Super Mario 3D World – 5.47 million
  • Nintendo Land 5.16 million
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 5.16 million

Nintendo 3DS

  • Pokemon X/Y – 16.06 million
  • Mario Kart 7 – 14.82 million
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon – 13.68 million
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – 13.68 million
  • Super Mario 3D Land – 11.17 million

Nintendo Wii

  • Wii Sports – 82.79 million
  • Mario Kart Wii – 36.83 million
  • Wii Sports Resort – 32.99 million
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 29.90 million
  • Wii Play – 28.02 million

Nintendo DS

  • New Super Mario Bros. – 30.80 million
  • nintendogs – 23.96 million
  • Mario Kart DS – 23.60 million
  • Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day – 19.01 million
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl – 17.64 million

All digital downloads and physical copies are counted on the sales figures, including console bundles.

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