MSI and Ubisoft Team Up with For Honor Game Bundle

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January 31, 2017

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Breaking in the New Year like a battering ram, MSI and Ubisoft have teamed up to bring you this absolute must-have game bundle. Arm yourself with the latest premium quality weapons like the MSI X99 / Z270 / H270 GAMING motherboards or upgraded MSI Gaming desktops and be granted the For Honor game free.

For more details:

Highly anticipated, For Honor is a competitive third-person melee action game that mixes speed, strategy, and team play for engaging and dynamic gameplay. You will play as a warrior in one of three factions: the bold Knights, brutal Vikings and deadly Samurai, who will test their metal in all-out war. Expect to see legendary heroes, massive battles, atmospheric scenarios and epic duels. Besides multiplayer, a memorable story campaign lets player’s storm castles and fortresses in massive battles while confronting deadly bosses in intense duels. Armed with the latest and greatest MSI GAMING motherboards and desktops, you will defend your honor and become the last man standing.

Tough as a Knight’s armor

The new GAMING motherboards and desktops are fitted with the recently introduced Intel® Kaby Lake chipsets to harness true gaming power. Packed with a large array of strong features such as Steel Armor, these weapons will blow your mind. The Aegis and Nightblade high-end Gaming desktop series have all the performance you need to play the latest games in all their glory. They also have advanced cooling systems to make sure your system keeps its cool during the heat of battle.


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Sharp as a Samurai’s sword

Handling intense gameplay is easy with the new-generation MSI GAMING motherboards integrated with DDR4 Boost & Steel Armor technology for more stability at higher memory speeds. The award-winning Z270 GAMING M7 can handle three Turbo M.2 devices with new Optane™ Ready Technology to boost storage devices for a blazing fast system.

Amplify your game with the stunning Audio Boost 4 feature which is integrated in both Nightblade 3 and the Z270 GAMING M7 to deliver the highest sound quality through the use of premium quality audio components with enhanced bass sound that pulls you into game.

 Product recommended Z270 GAMING M7 & MSI NIGHTBLADE 3

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Fearsome like a Viking axe

Much like tribal war paint, many MSI products have customizable features that let you stand out. RGB Mystic Light can be found on most 200 series motherboards and allows you to proudly show your colors with RGB LED lights. Use Mystic Light Sync to synchronize the colors and effects of all the components in your system. The sleek and compact Trident 3 is the world’s smallest VR Ready PC, combining a compact form factor with high-end desktop performance. It is the perfect system for warriors wanting ascend from console grade performance to the Valhalla of PC Gaming.

Product recommended Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON & MSI Trident 3

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The world of For Honor awaits for true warriors who prove themselves worthy, so arm yourself with MSI’s best GAMING motherboards and desktops to earn your place on the battlefields of legends!


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