Announcements from the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Event

Written by Chad

February 1, 2017

ff 30th

Sadly no major news of new game titles but these announcements are still enough to keep you excited.

Yesterday’s special event by Square Enix was important, it marks the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII; one of the most popular titles in the Final Fantasy. And this year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, making it a two-in-one celebration. There were major announcements made at the event on what fans can expect for this year, from game updates to the bizarre brand collaborations, you can read the list below:

magitek exosuit ffxv

Final Fantasy XV

  • A new DLC was announced, featuring Super Sentai-inspired Magitek Exosuits for Noctis, Ignis, Gladio and Prompto. The DLC will be available on February 21.
  • The first episodic DLC will focus on Gladiolus, he will be accompanied by Cor Leonis who became a side character in the early chapters. The DLC will be available in the season pass, expect to see this on March 28.
  • The second DLC will tackle on Prompto, no specific details were add but the release date is on June.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

  • The game will feature new content that were not available in the PS2 Western release
  • Release date is on July 11 for Western countries and July 13 in Asia
  • Balthier will be a DLC Champion Summon in World of Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy XIV

  • Release date for the new Stormblood expansion is still on June 20.
  • A live action show called Daddy of Light will be aired in Japan. This is based on a blog and novel on how a father and his son bonded together in FFXIV.

FFVII keyart

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • A new key art was presented, featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. No new details where added about the progress of the development.

ultima fork
nissin ff

There are also some new non-gaming projects being announced:

  • Nissin and Square Enix will have a collaboration for a limited edition Final Fantasy Cup Noodle, where it features images of final bosses from each Final Fantasy game. And the lucky 15 people can take home an Ultima Weapon Fork that is 24 inches in length.
  • A new manga called Final Fantasy: Lost Strangers will be released in Japan
  • More character crossovers for mobile games such as Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Mobius Final Fantasy and Itadaki Street.
  • A new Final Fantasy fashion line-up is in the works
  • A Final Fantasy XIV escape room is being planned for Japan
  • New music concerts planned for the 30th anniversary, including Distant Worlds for its worldwide tour, FFXV Piano Collections and FF Brass de Bravo musical tours in Japan
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