Com2uS’s Ace Fishing Releases New Guild Cooperation Content

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February 6, 2017


Mobile game company, Com2uS has announced the release of a new update, including Guild Cooperation, for realistic 3D fishing game, Ace Fishing, developed and serviced by Com2uS.

Users will be able to cooperate with Guild members to fish together and earn various benefits. Users will be able to select the difficulty of the fishing spot before participating and users will be able to earn more points as they enter fishing spots with higher difficulties.

Moreover, the Guild Box Reward will be given according to the user’s level and the Box Grade to provide various benefits, and users will be able to check the Guild Box grade and the progress by tapping on the Cooperation Icon in the game.

The previous Daily Mission Event has also been renewed to Weekly Mission Events and users will be able to complete missions whenever they want during the week to collect rewards. Users will also be able to use the new Auto Join Function and enjoy the expanded Pearl Storage with the new update for more convenience.

Ace Fishing will also be holding events from Feb. 1st to Feb. 28th with various game item rewards. A Check-in Event, where users will be able to collect rewards according to their accumulated check-in record, and a Red Rooster’s Legend Event where users will be able to collect rewards such as Premium Item Reset Tickets, Hidden Lures, Premium Big Fish Chance Boosters by completing the event missions will be held.

Ace Fishing was released worldwide in 2014 as a 3D realistic fishing game and has reached a total of 50 million worldwide downloads last September and proved to be the best global fishing game. Ace Fishing has gained popularity for its exciting and realistic gameplay experience in various regions including Asia, USA, Europe and etc. and has reached No. 1 in sales in the Sports Game genre at Apple App Store (86 countries) and Google Play (32 countries).

Ace Fishing on GooglePlay:

Ace Fishing on Appstore:

For more info on the new update and the events, following the link here:


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