Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Impressions

Written by General Miss A

February 7, 2017

kamen rider ex-aid group shot

And who would have thought mixing video games and Tokusatsu can this be good.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is the 18th Heisei Toku series following Kamen Rider Ghost. Based from the teasers and press releases, this Kamen Rider series’ motif is about video games. This is the first time that a Kamen Rider series used video games as their motif which drew a lot positive reactions from most fans.

kamen rider ex-aid level 1

At first glance the suit design seemed ridiculous, admittingly; like all the new Kamen Rider series that arrive, we’ve been a bit skeptical of the costume designs from the beginning. But upon watching the first episode there was more to the costumes than what the photos release as these suits range from Level 01 to Level 05, their Level 01 suits are cute tho, kind of like SD versions of their suits.

What made it more baffling is that the series is also tied to the practice of medicine, the main protagonist Emu Hojo; an intern in the Pediatrics Department at Seito University Hospital, which he is also known as the gamer genius who goes by the alias “M”.

kamen rider ex-aid form

Their transformation belts are powered by Gashats which are very similar to game cartridges. Each Gashat is associated per game. Emu being the gamer genius as he is, can identify the game being associated in the Gashat such as Taddle Quest, Bang Bang Shooting, and Bakusou Bike.

The kind of enemies they’re facing is somewhat perplexing, since being in the medical field, they are battling a virus called Bugsters that can infect real living beings. And these Bugsters become whole once they have fully consumed their infected hosts.

Most of the Bugsters are based from game villains as Emu can easily identify them from which game they came from which  Their origins are still unknown to the show’s timeline 10 years ago where they dubbed it as Day Zero as there were already a few infected victims and deaths.

kamen rider ex-aid explosion

The show has now reached 16 episodes, more WTF-ness subplots came. And more to know about the Bugster virus origins and how it came to be. Tsundere-ness ensues. WHY.



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