Mecha Fridays: Flashback – The most memorable mechas of Pinoy TV

Rev up those flashback engines, we’re going on a nostalgic robot ride.

Robots and Mechas have long integrated itself to the Filipino pop-culture ever since the arrival of cartoon shows and animes on Pinoy TV. Starting from the 80s up until the early 2000s, Filipino TV has been filled with numerous, iconic fictional humanoids of metal, in stories that commonly involve the triumph of good over evil, friendship, love, and realization.

These robots and the shows that they star in have made so much impact on Filipino pop culture that they even made they way to the other avenues of the overall Filipino culture such opening themes being used as inspiration for jingles and even selectable through the Videoke, or Video Karaoke, machine.

In this edition of Mecha Fridays, we’ll be doing a quick flashback and list down some of the most memorable and iconic robots that have appeared throughout the course of Filipino TV viewing, and really left their mark on our culture.

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