Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with Knight Slinger’s Valentine Update

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February 13, 2017


Celebrate the holiday of love with the Knights of Light. GAMEVIL-produced Knight Slinger’s latest update features a special Valentine’s Day-themed event. Adventurers can collect Sweet Chocolate and may exchange them for a chance to pull the latest Valentine character, Carol. The update also includes other noteworthy improvements and features. The newest warrior Carol joins the cadets as a possible recruit and brings both beauty and brawns to the roster. The update also overhauls the attendance rewards system to be more beneficial for Adventurers. Finally, there is a new material warrior called “Peppy Yoki.” Peppy Yoki can be used as awakening material to raise the awakening chance significantly.

Valentine’s Day Collection Event: Players can find Cubes of Sweet Chocolate in both ‘Adventure’ and ‘Elemental Dungeon’ modes. They can receive various rewards including a chance to recruit Carol (Pink Egg, 20% chance)!

New warrior Carol (Fire Archer): Everyone in the Kingdom of Everlight knows Carol, and most guys cannot resist her charms! Even though she attracts love easily, Carol is still waiting for the right person to come along.

Attendance day improvements: Now, players can receive more rewards in a shorter time frame! The 28-day attendance period is now changed to seven days. Be sure to log in consecutively every day to get the best rewards!


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