Cheers Love, The Overwatch Figure is Here

Written by Chad

February 15, 2017

nendoroid tracer transparent

We are finally getting a proper Overwatch action figure and it’s a good one.

Overwatch has been around for almost a year, and it became a hit to FPS fans and competitive players it also spanned a ton of merchandise from t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. But there is one thing that fans would love to have for their Overwatch collection; a proper action figure. We already saw some awesome statues and figures of some Overwatch characters, but they aren’t articulated to help you recreate their famous poses and battle stances. Well looks like someone finally answered our prayers.

Good Smile Company; the company known for the Figma and Nendoroid figures, has announced that they will be releasing a Tracer Nendoroid figure as revealed on their official website. The Tracer figure will include a series of accessories like replaceable bent legs, open hand parts, Pulse Pistols, Pulse Bomb and effect parts. The figure is also articulated in a chibi sculpted body, where you can recreate her memorable poses.

So far Tracer was the first revealed Overwatch figure from Good Smile Company, but according to their Facebook page, there may be more Overwatch figures being planned for release which could also include a Figma release. But you can check out their Overwatch mini site for any new announcements

Pre-orders for the Nendoroid Tracer is now open starting today at the Good Smile Company website and will close on March 30. You can also inquire to your favorite hobby and toy stores for possible pre-orders.

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