Com2uS-Activision, Comes Together for a Mobile Game Business

Written by Chad

February 22, 2017

Global mobile game company, Com2uS and the elite game company, Activision will be working together for a mobile game business.

 Com2uS announced that they’ve signed a contract with Activision Publishing (hereinafter, Activision) for a mobile game business utilizing Activision’s game IP (Intellectual Property). Activision is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, a global gaming company, serving a variety of popular games such as Skylanders, Call of Duty and Destiny.

Through this contract, Activision will provide the IP of their global game, and Com2uS will take charge of mobile game production and worldwide service.
Their plan is to cooperate for the development of high-quality game and successful global service, and to build the best competitiveness.

This partnership is especially meaningful in that the biggest game company with a global reputation centered in North America and Europe, the home of video games, and the mobile game company representing South Korea are collaborating together.
In addition, it has proven the global status of Com2uS, which has already established Summoners War as the best mobile RPG in North America and Europe, and is expected to lead to a strong synergy based on its expertise and competitiveness in each field.

The game that will be developed with the contract is a mobile game based on Activision’s representative video game, Skylanders.
Skylanders pioneered the toys-to-life genre that combines games and toys. Skylanders recorded more than $3.5 billion sales globally, and sold more than 300 million figures and is the 11th largest console franchise game.
Recently, Skylanders has been produced as an animation through Netflix, an online broadcasting service, and is being broadcasted worldwide proving the expansion of its IP value.

Com2uS is already developing Skylanders as a mobile RPG (Role-Playing Game) with a real-time turn system centered on real-time battles between users and the game is planned to be released in the first half of 2018.

Activision said “There are a myriad of mobile gaming companies, but there are very few companies that succeed globally, whether they are in the east or the west. We look forward to collaborating with Com2uS, which has proven its ability to deliver exceptional game development and live services across the globe.
Com2uS said “We are pleased to cooperate with Activision, a global game company, and we will combine the global mobile game capabilities of Com2uS with the strong IP power of Activision to create a successful business model” and said “We plan to continue our collaboration of various projects with this partnership.”

Meanwhile, Com2uS is planning to expand its global IP with a variety of game lineups, including the expansion of Summerners Wars IP as an MMORPG, which has been positioned as the world’s best RPG to grow as a global mobile game company.

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