“DEEMO~ The Last Recital~” PSV Asian/Japanese 2.4 Version Will Be Out Tomorrow

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February 27, 2017

“DEEMO ~The Last Recital~” Asian/Japanese version was developed and fully adapted for PS Vita by Rayark Inc. from Taiwan, now scheduled for the latest 2.4 update on the 28th. Being the first major update since the game’s initial release back in June 2015, in addition to introducing a series of song collections such as “Shattered Memories”,  ”Rabpit Collection”, “Sakuzyo Collection”, “Timeline Collection”…etc, a limited time 70% special discount will also be joining in the celebration of DEEMO ~The Last Recital~’s Asian/Japanese 2.4 update. The EU/US version is going to be officially released this coming spring, bringing even more global players from broader regions together to fully immerse in the beautiful melodies and moving story of DEEMO ~The Last Recital~.

Featured Content of DEEMO ~The Last Recital~ Asian/Japanese 2.4 Version

Players’ prayers of expectations for the incoming latest version since the game’s initial release will finally be answered, as the Asian/Japanese version will be simultaneously updating version 2.4 along with mobile devices. “Shattered Memories” will add 15 free songs in total, namely “Ark of Desire”, “Shadow in the mirror”, “Future World”, “Little Corgi’s Dream”…plus much more. “Kimi Ga Nokoshita Sekai de” and “Guardian” in particular were specifically composed based on DEEMO’s storyline, both which were created by skilled Japanese singer The SxPlay.

As for special song collections, rearranged “L: The Lower collection” and “L: The Upper collection” from Rayark’s Music Director ICE, tailored for DEEMO’s “Sakuzyo Collection” by prestigious Japanese doujin composer Sakuzyo, the classic “RAC collection” featuring works from a variety of talents, and distinctively unique “DS:PIANO Collection”…all of these plus others will be in version 2.4 for players’ delight, bound to deliver the best experience of DEEMO ~The Last Recital~ in either styles of classical symphony and pulsing electronic beats.

Limited Time Special Price For DEEMO ~The Last Recital~ (Asian/Japanese Version)

In response to the massive support from PSV players and in celebration of the Asian/Japanese version update, for 2 weeks Rayark Games will be rolling out a special discount between 2/28~3/13, giving players a special opportunity to get their hands on stellar game content by only spending 583 JPY (Original price 1944 JPY).


EU/US Version To Be Released This Coming Spring

Besides the Asian/Japanese version update, on 2/7 the highly anticipated EU/US version of DEEMO ~The Last Recital~ was announced to be released this coming spring, which will be distributed by PM Studios. Along with the original story content, the EU/US Version also features all songs included in version 2.4, granting EU/US region players early access to full game content in advance.


“DEEMO” Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/rayark.deemo/

“DEEMO” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeemoRayark

Rayark Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/rayark.inc/

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