VOEZ has Reached 10 Million Downloads, Also Makes its Debut in Nintendo Switch

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March 7, 2017

Rayark Inc.’s rhythm game “VOEZ” has accumulated over 10 million downloads since its initial release last June, now with a special version to be ported by Flyhigh Works exclusively onto Nintendo’s latest home console, the Nintendo Switch come 3/3. This will be Rayark Games’ debut release on Nintendo’s home console platform; in addition to full adaption of over a hundred original songs, brand new UI, and storyline content from VOEZ to Nintendo Switch, exclusive tunes for Nintendo Switch will also be part of the whole package. Unlike the current IAP approach on mobile devices featuring songs via DLC, the Nintendo Switch version adopts the buy-to-play model, providing Nintendo Switch players access to full game content and the best game experience anytime anywhere, just by spending less than half of the original total price with a one time purchase. VOEZ will be released digitally with the launch of Nintendo Switch simultaneously on 3/3, with 4 built in language interfaces available, namely Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. The sale price of the Japanese version will be 2500 JPY (Including tax), with the simultaneously sold EU version set at 21 EUR. The US version is scheduled to release on 3/9 at a price of 25 USD.

VOEZ Faithfully Reimagined Within Nintendo Switch, No Internet Required To Access

VOEZ, independently developed by Rayark and released last June for mobile devices, has accumulated over 10 million downloads worldwide so far. This will be the game’s debut onto the home console platform, expected to extend the game’s hype into new territory. Being the first rhythm game to appear on Nintendo’s latest home console the Nintendo Switch, all content including the storyline, 100+ songs, and the optimized diamond styled UI will be fully represented to players. The Nintendo Switch version is playable in standalone offline mode; after purchase players can still relish in the game anytime anywhere, even without access to internet.

Original Story From Taiwan, Brought To Life With Full Effort From The Production Team

Following after Rayark’s “Cytus” and “DEEMO”, two rhythm games both characterized with fantasy filled worldviews, VOEZ draws inspiration from and bases its background in Taiwan Yilan, bringing Yilan’s beautiful landscape into the game scenes one brushstroke at a time. The opening animation was created inhouse by Rayark’s very own team, accompanied with the theme song composed by Taiwanese band Night Keepers, blending together to create a uniquely youthful atmosphere.

The story illustrates 6 high school boys and girls who meet each other by music, later on forming a band to chase their dreams in Lan Kong Town. The band consists of the following members: female vocalist Chelsea, guitarist and male vocalist Jessy, guitarist Ocean, bassist Yuko, and keyboardist Qian Qian. The storyline is portrayed with a diary system, each diary entry unlocking once the corresponding conditions have been achieved. As the story unfolds, players can bring themselves closer into the main characters’ lives, growing together while completely immersed in the world of VOEZ.

Combining Tradition With Innovation, Perfecting Gameplay Experience Even Further

Operation wise, Nintendo Switch employs the same gameplay style as found in mobile devices; tap falling notes on the Nintendo Switch’s screen when playing the song to rack up points. The more accurate tap timing the player has, the higher the total score will be. Fallings notes are categorized as the basic Tap, the Slide of gliding fingers, bars that require a prolonged Hold, and Swipe following the direction of arrows. Nintendo Switch employs a customized NVIDIA Tegra processor, bound to present smoother performance and refined graphics compared to the game’s mobile predecessor. With even more perfected gameplay experience, players are sure to indulge in a visual and auditory extravaganza of entertainment courtesy of VOEZ.

One Time Purchase For Unlimited Access To A Hundred Songs And Exclusive Content

VOEZ adopts the buy-to-play model on Nintendo Switch. Upon one time purchase of the game, players will own over a hundred songs such as “Akari”, “Dual Dragoon”, “Wilt”, “Brightnwss”, “ARCANA”, Event Horizon”… plus many more popular tunes, all accessible anytime anywhere without requiring internet access. “Refel”, “Morimori Atsushi”, “PUPA” and other widely popular songs by Sakuzyo are also included in the mega mix.

Another thing worth mentioning is that VOEZ will introduce songs exclusive to the Nintendo Switch; the first release on 3/3 will roll out “Ascension to Heaven” by renowned composer Xi. In addition to regular updates in the future, Nintendo Switch exclusive songs will continue to feature various works from a vast array of composers, delivering diverse and distinctive gameplay experience to Nintendo Switch players.



“VOEZ” Product Info

Game Title VOEZ
Japanese Title ヴォイズ
Platform Nintendo Switch
Category Rhythm Game
Game Mode Singleplayer
Release Date 2017.03.03
Price 2,500 JPY (Including tax)
Developer ESQUADRA
Original Producer Rayark Inc.
Publisher Flyhigh Works
Copyright ©Rayark Inc.
Official Website https://www.rayark.com/g/voez/
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