Gundam Versus Beta Impression: What’s the Future for the Gundam Versus Series

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March 22, 2017


What more can you ask from explosions, beam shootouts, and the ecstatic feeling of engaging in dogfights while piloting your favorite mech suit? For more than 15 years, this game has been a classic for hobbyists, casual and competitive players, and for those who just wanted a piece of Gundam action. It has also seen gameplay on arcade cabinets, consoles, and even handhelds. This time, the Gundam Versus game takes it up a notch and now- it will be available on play for PS4.

 Disclaimer: Due to limitations in capturing in-game footage, we have opted to use already existing image sources for this article.

It has been a decade and half since Gundam Versus games had exploded on arcade cabinets of game centers in Japan. The franchise has improved both on visuals and core mechanics since the very first game, Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon. The goal of the game is to deplete the enemy team’s cost gauge by shooting down or eliminating them through melee combat. Main controls are given for direction control, melee attack, beam rifle, boost, and target search. Combining boost with melee and shooting gives you access to special abilities and attacks unique to each unit.

The game is played by default on a 2 vs. 2 team battle system. The latest installment focuses on a more competitive and fast paced gameplay; there is also an added EX-gauge where you can choose from Assault Burst and Blast Burst. The EX-gauge can be triggered and awakens Assault Burst for the melee inclined players and Blast Burst for the zoners; each unit has its own EX attack which can be used when EX-gauge is activated again during the awakening period. Close combat players will also be enjoying melee battle as the step mechanic is now added to cancel out a melee attack or chain a combo to dish out more damage. With the next gen of gaming closing in, a new Gundam Game is slated for release on the Playstation 4. The beta test was held this month and gave players the chance to test out some of the features of the new game.

With the next gen of gaming closing in, a new Gundam Game is slated for release on the Playstation 4. The beta test was held this month and gave players a chance to test out some of the newset features of the game. They have still carried over arcade mode and online PVP which is the bread and butter of the game.

Old combat mechanics were still intact. The boost dive, Strikers, and revision of the EX-gauge are the latest addition in-game. Boost diving allows the player to dash a short distance downward just like regular boost dashing. With the new mechanic- you should be more able to do more, dodge more, and punish more. Keep in mind that boost consumption and conservation is a big thing in Gundam Versus games as overheating the boost gauge leaves you a sitting duck in crossfire of beams and missiles.

The new EX-gauge awakening is now dubbed as Lighting Gear and Blaze Gear which improves the shooting or melee spectrum when triggered and still activates each unit’s own unique EX attack when triggered again.

Units have been given labels such as Shooting, Fighting, Variant, S-Variant, and F-Variant. These labels will let you know if the unit is leaning towards zoning, hacking the hell out of your opponents, or just being balanced between the two.

There are new units in the game (Gundam Barbatos, Union Flag, etc.) as well as changes in the arsenals of current units to balance out their strengths and buff shortcomings. One notable example is the change in Wing Gundam Zero’s number of usage of the Zero System. The Zero System can be used again after being recharged in the previous games, but now it has been nerfed to a one-time use in exchange of an optional Gerobi (concentrated beam fire with multiple hits) when you use Wing Gundam Zero’s  rolling buster in a neutral state. This lessened the means of Wing Gundam’s evasion but also heightened its punish and damage output. Another set of big changes were given to Turn A Gundam. Its Capool support units were replaced by successive firing missiles; it has also been given a new side special melee attack which lets Turn A dash sideward evasively followed by a dashing strike. We’re also excited for changes in our favorite units but that has to wait until the game is fully released. In the end, each unit is powerful on its own depending on how the pilot utilizes each weapon and mechanics at his disposal.

They have still carried over arcade mode and the bread and butter online PVP. Being a region exclusive game with server restrictions from before, online battles have only seen action for Japan server players in game centers and those who have access to Japan PSN servers. Now, a new option is available for players to join games in an open server and a dedicated Japan-only server which can mean localization of the game in different regions. It also faces the issue of lacking local splitscreen 2 vs. 2 battles. We still have our fingers crossed for those friendship wrecking sessions in the comfort of your living rooms.

There have been honest disappointments to some of the changes in the game, but with just the beta test being available for a short period of time, there seems to be more of those juicy Gundam Versus dogfights coming soon. The game shows promise and is a beginning of a fresh avenue for new and veteran players. The hype is growing bigger especially now that it’s hinting for an international release. We still have to see and hear for further announcements from Bandai Namco regarding the game’s launch date. Until then, amp up your shooting and fighting prowess to blast the competition in this much awaited PS4 Gundam Versus game.

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