Mecha Fridays: Predicting the end of Iron-Blooded Orphans

Written by Louis

March 31, 2017

There will be death, lots and lots of death.

We are definitely just one episode away from seeing the end of the latest, non-Universal Century Gundam series, that is Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans as Episode 50 drops this coming Sunday. The series stars Mikazuki Augus, and the civilian contractor group Tekkadan, a company composed of young men, some of them kids, discarded by society and are treated as expendable mercenaries due to their cybernetic implants, called the Alaya-Vijnana system, granting them easier control of their mobile suits and mobile workers. Tekkadan’s story has been all about “finding their rightful place” which somehow leads them to take on dangerous jobs, and getting directly in conflict with government groups such as Gjallarhorn, which acts as the series’ antagonist.

Together with its twists and turns, the IBO series has been likened to Game of Thrones for its fondness of killing likable characters, sometimes in the most gruesome ways, mainly for character development, and sometimes to push the plot forward.

Did I forget to mention inexplicable killing?

As the final battle is already on its way with the previous episode depicting what seems to be Tekkadan’s last stand against Rustal Elion’s mighty Arianrhod Fleet, numerous death flags are also obviously raised higher, and with that we lay down our own predictions as to how this bloody series would see its finale and as to what roles its main factions play in the imminent end.

The Fate of Tekkadan

Or at least whoever is left.

Now, it is without a doubt that many, if not everyone, is expecting major deaths from the protagonist group, especially for its main characters, however, it may not be totally the case, and we may be seeing some surprising survivals.

Mikazuki’s death is almost certain, and we’ll get to that in a moment, and so shall be Akihiro’s which we predict to be due to him protecting the fleeing Tekkadan members since Space Guts has resolved himself to protect his newfound “family” this after failing to protect his younger brother, Masahiro.

And by dying to protect his family I mean dying to protect Ride.

Old Man Nady’s death may also be just around the corner following that death flag scene in the last episode with Merribit. While Nady may be Tekkadan’s head tech, it is evident that the new recruit, Zack, knows more than a thing or two about the more advanced Mobile Suit systems, which makes him a more suitable replacement for the Old Man.

Not to mention that gorgeous pompadour.

The deputy boss, which is also technically the new boss, Eugene may also be one of the final battle’s survivors as he would be needed to lead the remaining members of Tekkadan, and of course Chad because of his sheer powerful plot armor.

He got shot, he got bombed, seriously, his damn plot armor is thicker than Iok’s!

Arianrhod Fleet

Death to Rustal! Death to Julieta! Death to Iok! Yeah, that’s what we’ve all been screaming these past few episodes, although we might just be totally disappointed as one of them may survive even if this particualr one is up against the strongest pilot in the series,and this particular one is no one else than Julieta.

Wait so Julieta survives? But isn’t Julieta going to square off against Mikazuki?

You lucky bug eating b…

First off, let’s talk about her relationship with other major characters, throughout the series Julieta has been portrayed as someone who wants to be the deserving soldier for Rustal Elion, which makes her mirror Mikazuki in some way, however, her difference with Mikazuki is that she is slowly finding purpose for herself, thanks to none other than Gaelio Bauduin. The most recent episodes have depicted Julieta to have grown closer to Gaelio, and with the imminent change of heart that Gaelio will undergo following the death of McGillis, he may just take Julieta under her wing as he directly or indirectly causes the demise of Rustal Elion.

Also, Blue and Blonde always has this special relationship when it comes to Gundam so.

Admoss Company

Kudelia’s Admoss Company will certainly play a big part in the aftermath of this battle, and we may even see a repeat of Kudelia, the maiden of the revolution, putting the end to the conflict by the sheer power of speech, and connections to some of the strongest governing parties of Earth. It is also most likely that Admoss will cause the downfall of Nobliss Gordon or at least help provide a much stronger case against the arms dealer once Rustal is dealt with.

Atra is still the girl that Mika got laid with though so she’d have to live with that fact for the rest of her life.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is one of the few anime series that benefit from the so-called “bad ending”, or the one where most, if not, all of the main protagonists die, and with that being a generally accepted fact, we surely are expecting a ton of major deaths from both sides, and hopefully, we get a solid conclusion to this series that has seen numerous twists, turns, ups and downs throughout its 2 seasons.

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